Body scan meditation

In today’s era, we all know the benefits of yoga and meditation. There are many types of Meditation and all have benefits over one. But in this article, we are going to start body scan meditation, a special type of meditation. This is a meditation technique that helps you understand the pain, tension, or any other problem present in it while scanning your entire body.

The idea here is simply to become more aware of your body, to do so systematically start at the top of the head, and then slowly move through the toes. Seeing how you feel at each stage. You can also see it as a mental x-ray and think of a body scan.

Body Scan Meditation Focus On

A meditation practice mentally and physically, by carefully scanning the body, brings awareness to every part of the body and focuses on bodily sensations.

When we start to understand better about our body, its advantage is that we start to understand the sensations in our body towards it. When we understand that there is severe pain in our back, hand, head, shoulders, or waist, and noticing any tension, pain, tightness, heat, stress, and other emotions then we also understand how it can be managed better.

The body scan meditation focuses on tune your body and reconnects to your physical self.

Why it is important to do body scan Meditation

Experts say that body scan meditation can balance your physical and emotional health in many ways. This is your:

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduce pain
  • Get comfortable
  • Teaches to love oneself
  • Removes anxiety and tension
  • quitting smoking or any other additions or helps to reduce your craving.

How To Practice Body Scan Meditation?

Here is how to start body scan meditation to get more benefits.

In order to take sufficient benefits of meditation, should be practiced with less time in the beginning days. You start the time of mediation from 2 minutes, gradually increase the time from 5 to 10 minutes, you will be able to concentrate.

To increases the concentration power you should practice Pranayama before doing any type of meditation.

Practice Pranayama using 7pranayama app to increase concentration during meditation sitting.

Get comfortable

First of all, sit or lie down in a comfortable position where you feel free and help to keep your mind from wandering. But laying down is the best way in body scan meditation.

Deep breaths

breathing is of utmost importance to perform any kind of meditation. Breathe in slowly and release and focus on your breathing, that is, concentrate. Count on every deep breath and repeat this action. Focus your attention on your breathing. Do not decrease or increase its speed or intensity.

Choose Starting Point

Start with one of the organs to scan your body. The most comfortable way to do this is to start scanning your body with your head. In this way, head, face, throat, chest, both hands, and both legs, you will find your body one after the other on knowledge. Continue to take deep and slow breaths while focusing fully on these different parts.

Pay attention into Tension

Note that you are not having tension discomfort on any part of the body or sensation by moving away from any kind of normal. If you found any case, focus your attention on that part. Slowly bring attention to the part of that pain or different sensation by diverting attention from the rest of the organs.


Expect your discomfort without critiquing yourself. Acknowledge that pain.

Scan the entire body

scan your body completely. By focusing on one part, you feel a different kind of emotion from inside. This discomfort can be anger, depression, irritation, anxiety or anything else. Look at your emotions and try to understand why you feel this way.

Keep Breathing

keep breathing. Feel that your pain and all kinds of stress are gradually decreasing with each breath. Keep breathing slowly and let your body relax completely.

Come Back

Open your eyes and come back to the present. After the first mediation or body scan, it is possible that you can see the effect immediately. Many people do not see any effect at first. It may also happen that due to the different problems of your body, you start feeling worse than before. But there is nothing to worry about.

What Are the Benefits of Body Scan Meditation?

Meditation is an activity through which you can solve many problems such as mental, physical, and emotional too. So let’s know about the benefits of body scan meditation.

Effect on Sleep Quality

Body scan meditation has done before bedtime can help improve insomnia. This will make you feel more relaxed and eventually it can enable you to get into a deep and restful sleep.

Remove Stress and Anxiety

Mental health is good by meditating daily. Research supports mindfulness meditation relieves mental tension, anxiety, fear, and inferiority.

Reduce Chronic Pain

Body scan meditation commonly recommended for people dealing with chronic pain. It can overcome muscular tension, reduced inflammation, digestive issues, and pain.

Perceptual decision making

Study suggest practice of this improve decision making .

The Bottom Line

Performing a body scan meditation can help you understand your physical stress and can also help you release it at the same time. If you want to use this process before sleeping, it can be a great tool for all purposes as well.


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