Cuts, scrapes, and bruises that result in bleeding are very common, especially if you doing shaving, cutting veggies, working in the kitchen with sharp objects, a child’s latest boo-boo, and practicing a sport. Minor bleeding caused by such an accident needs to be stopped, regardless of its size. In fact, a bleeding cut should never be ignored as even small cuts can bleed profusely, especially if they are on the tongue, Be on a sensitive area like the mouth, or palm. here we bring stop bleeding tips

Fortunately, you can easily treat it with home remedies to stop the bleeding. So it is very important to know what are the methods or remedies to stop bleeding which can help in clotting blood and stop bleeding from small cuts. However, home remedies to stop bleeding are not supported by conclusive scientific research. Home Remedies should not be relied upon for large cuts or severe injuries, requiring immediate professional medical attention.

Here are six remedies you can try to stop minor bleeding at home.

Remedies To Stop Bleeding At Home

Home remedies can be effective to stop the bleeding. Even if the bleeding has stopped, it is important to keep the wound clean to avoid any kind of infection. Read on to know about some home remedies to stop bleeding.

Apply pressure and elevate

If there is a cut anywhere on the skin and you are bleeding, then the first step is to apply pressure on that part. Do not apply direct pressure with your fingers, this can lead to infection. First tie a bandage or apply a bandage. Now apply pressure from above with your fingers. Keep in mind that the bandage is tied tightly, removing it too soon can increase bleeding by breaking the blood clot formed.

Applying ice

Bleeding also stops by applying ice. If you are at home and your hand is cut with a knife or something, children are hurt, apply an ice cube, preferably an ice cube wrapped in gauze, directly to the bleeding wound.

When there is an injury somewhere on the skin and bleeding occurs, the temperature of that part rises. Applying ice cools that part. Due to the pressure of ice, the blood clots quickly, which stops the bleeding.

Do not use ice to stop bleeding if your body temperature is higher or lower than normal.

T-bags make blood clots

Apply a wet tea bag to the affected area, is a popular home remedy to stop bleeding. Actually, tea contains tannin element, which makes blood clot and has astringent properties.

Herbal or decaffeinated tea will not work to stop bleeding after dental work; it requires tannins from caffeinated green or black tea. Dampen a green or black tea bag and wrap it around the affected area.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel’s astringent nature may help to slow bleeding. The astringent properties help stop bleeding and reduce blood supply in small scratches and cuts. Astringents are present in hedgehog, which increases the process of blood clotting.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used to treat some major wounds and cuts. Turmeric quickly heals the area, stops bleeding and also prevents further infection.

Turmeric powder can also be consumed mixed with milk for added benefits like pain relief. To use it, you can mix turmeric powder with honey and apply it on your skin to make the mixture more effective at stopping bleeding.


Yarrow has also been used in food and beverages for centuries. Its odor and flavor can be described as similar to anise and tarragon.

Yarrow is a perennial large flowering plant. Whose scientific name is Achillea millefolium. Its flowers are yellowish white in color and arranged in clusters. Yarrow has been used medicinally for its health benefits since ancient times. It is also widely known as nosebleed plant. Because its leaves have the ability to thicken the blood and control hemorrhage.

Various species of the yarrow plant are used to treat bleeding wounds, scars and other skin problems. Fresh yarrow leaves are wrapped or tied around a cut or wound. Its healing properties help in speeding up the healing process. Yarrow oil is rich in antimicrobial and anti-oxidant properties, which are beneficial in the treatment of many skin diseases.


The aluminum chloride present in antiperspirants can constrict the blood vessels and help to control external bleeding.


All bleeding needs to be controlled, no matter how severe the injury. Some wounds can bleed profusely, and only proper first aid can stop the bleeding. Awareness and preparation are the keys to successful wound care.

Stop bleeding is one of the leading causes of preventable death.


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