Murchha Pranayama

Murchha Pranayam has come into our life as Sanjeevani Booti, ​​it is a perfect pranayama type. The person is not fainted by the effect of this pranayama. Only air is unconscious. Siddhayogi does this pranayama. Murchha Pranayama protects you from stress, anxiety, and depression and is also effective for patients affected by mental problems and impotence.

The word Murchha means unconsciousness. Air is fainted by the practice of this Kumbhak, but not the person. As a result, the mind is also unconscious, that is why it is called Murchha Kumbhak Pranayama. The practice of this pranayama is more difficult.

The word pranayama means– When we control the breathing process, it is called pranayama. Pranayama is the natural movement of life to stop breathing. This cleanses the mind and brain. Doshas created by our senses go away from pranayama.

It is included in eight types of Pranayama. Both Hathapradipika and Gherandasamhita have included Murchha Pranayama among the eight types of Pranayama. It is difficult to do Murchha Pranayama, therefore, after being proficient in all the asanas or Pranayama, one should practice this Pranayama and do it only in the presence of the teacher.

Pranayama is performed in many ways. Here is a simple method of Murchha Pranayama.

Steps To Do Murchha Kumbhak Pranayama

  • For the practise of Murcha Pranayama, first of all, Sit comfortably in a meditative position. Sit on the floor or on a cushion, but you can also sit on a chair. Just make sure the spine is straight.
  • You should use any meditation easy to sit like Padmasana or Sukhasana.
  • Head, spine, and neck should be in a straight line and both hands should be above the knees in gyan mudra , And release all thoughts from your mind.
  • Keep the body calm and relaxed. Now, be aware of your breathing every time you go and allow it to slow down and deepen.
  • After this, close your eyes.
  • Now while applying Khechari Mudra, bending the head slightly backward, with Ujjayi Pranayama, fill the breath slowly with both nasal holes and apply Sambhavi Mudra while looking the eyes between the two breasts.
  • After some time, open the eyes again.
  • If your eyes are open, You should look directly at the sky.
  • Now, while pressing both hands above the knees, straighten the elbows while straightening the elbows.
  • In Sambhavi Mudra, hold your breath as per your ability. Release your breath while loosening your hands.
  • In last, Close the eyes, and slowly straighten the head again.
  • Come back to normal and feel lightness and peace in body and mind.
  • It was a cycle. In this way, you do 3 to 5 cycles and then slowly increase the cycle.
  • It will be sufficient for the new practitioner to do 10 minutes in the beginning. Along with your daily practice, you should also gradually increase its duration.
  • Practice until you feel faint.

Kumbhak length (breath retention) is very important. As long as you can hold the breath in, the better. It should be done after asana and before meditation.

Benefits Of Murchha Kumbhak Pranayama

  • In this pranayama, As the period of Kumbhak increases, there is an increase in enjoyment. And the mind automatically starts to become introverted.
  • In this, the air is unconscious, due to which the mind becomes faint and eventually becomes peaceful.
  • This is great pranayama for meditation.
  • It also exposes unique qualities such as peace, kindness, forgiveness inside a person.
  • Pranayama relieves many mental problems including anxiety, tension, fear, and headaches. This is pleasing pranayama.
  • Murchha Pranayama is a powerful practice. Because it is helpful in making you feel imperceptible by creating an introvert.
  • By doing this, the body weight is reduces.
  • Prana energy is increase by doing daily Pranayama.
  • This pranayama leads you to a different state while providing physical and mental stability.
  • Along with getting rid of mental problems by its regular practice, diseases like metal disease and impotence are also removes.

Murcha pranayama precautions

  • This pranayama is not meant to be practiced by everyone. Many times guidance is required by a competent teacher. People who have a mental disorder should avoid breathing Murcha.
  • Murcha pranayama should not practice immediately after meals, and there should be a minimum of 3-4 hours difference.
  • Even who are troubles by high blood pressure should not practice. Also, people who have epileptic seizures should also avoid doing this pranayama.
  • By practicing this asana, it brings it into a state of unconsciousness, due to which it should be practiced under the supervision of a specialist.
  • This pranayama never practise by heart or lung patients.
  • When the state of unconsciousness begins, then stop the practice.
  • In addition, those who have epilepsy, brain patients should not practice it.


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