home remedies for constipation

Many people are troubled by constipation. However, they adopt all kinds of methods to treat it, which lasts for some time, but after some time this stomach problem occurs again. Which can affect people of any age group. Constipation is not a major problem, but if this problem persists continuously, acidity and many problems may arise. But the specialty of constipation is that its patients can control it by improving their routine and adopting some home remedies.

Scientifically, defecation less than three times a week is considered to be constipation. Constipation is not a disease, but can be a symptom of other physical disorders.

Often, constipation causes are very difficult to pass bowel movements. The patient does not have defecation, feces are drained and come out in small quantities. The defecation comes out when kneading or sitting for hours.

There are many Indian natural home remedies to relieve constipation. People can do these in the comfort of their own homes. and these Home remedies can make them more tolerable.

Best and Worst Home Remedies for Your Constipation

Here are 5 home remedies for constipation, most of them are supported by science. that might offer instant and long-lasting relief.

Drinking Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

Warm Water helps to flush out the toxins from our body. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning causes you to feel hungry due to cleaning the intestines. It also provides relief from stomach problems, it ends gas and constipation and stomach problems. The intestines remain stoic even during a bowel movement, which clears the stomach completely, and the appetite also begins to open.

Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

The benefits of Ajwain can be the best home remedies for constipation. Ajwain is the best-known herb for indigestion. It eradicates the problem of constipation within just a few hours. It has the capability to control the problem of acidity. Most people these days suffer from Acidity, constipation, kidney infection, liver problems, piles, due to poor eating habits. There works the ajwain, it has offered the miracle changes. The herb is has worked best in eradicating the problem of piles. Due to its curative properties, it works as a healer of constipation. The people who are likely to suffer from such problems just need to drink ajwain water daily before sleep. Within a couple of days, changes will be visible.

Drink half a teaspoon of Ajwain and black salt in equal quantity, with lukewarm water. It is an effective home remedy to relieve constipation.

Lemon Water or Lemon Tea

Lemon juice helps to flush out toxins from the body. It contains citric acid, which stimulates your digestive system. If your stomach is not well cleaned in the morning, then drink lemon juice and black salt mixed with lukewarm water in the morning. Doing this will help cleanse the stomach.

Fiber Rich food

Fiber is a micro diet that plays an important role in a healthy and balanced diet. It is needed for the proper digestion of food. Lack of fiber can cause problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, and an increase in the amount of colostral and sugar in the blood.

Fruits, vegetables, and grains are found sufficient amounts of fiber.
This fiber activity plays an important role in keeping bowel normalized. Therefore, lack of fiber can cause constipation, by inhibiting bowel movement. (study)

There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Both are useful for constipation.

Try these foods that are rich in fiber: Apple, Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Guava, Fibrous vegetables, Brown rice, oats, whole-grain bread, or cereal, dry fruits, and sprouts Pulses.

people who increase the intake of fiber in their food should also increase their water intake.

Regular Exercise And Yoga

Along with catering, one more thing which can be relieved in the constipation problem is exercise and yoga.

Due to today’s food habits, digestive problems have become very common, every second person is upset with this. Exercise eliminates all stomach problems. If you want that your digestive system is right and you do not have any kind of trouble, then wake up early in the morning and exercise for a while.

A few minutes of regular yoga practice helps improve the problem of irregular bowel movements, also relieves the problem of stomach strain and flatulence.

Benefits of yoga in constipation problem that is-Pawan Muktasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, Halasana, Mayurasana, Balasana, and Supta Matsyendrasana.

Note: Do all the mentioned yoga exercises under the supervision of a good yoga trainer. Doing yoga incorrectly can result in a loss instead of profit.

A Word Of Caution

Try to prevent this disease by following the home remedies and advice given here. At the same time, if the problem is serious, then the doctor’s advice must be taken.


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