Edible Water Blob

Very interesting and incredible a bite-sized blob of water – Ooho! Consumable with water, liquids, or other beverages, and can actually be eaten.

Traditionally known, the use of plastic bottles is harmful to human health and also has a negative impact on the environment. Plastic drinking bottles contain many chemicals, which are life-threatening to living beings. We must not forget that over a billion plastic bottles reach the oceans every year, which never ends. Therefore there is a need to use eco-friendly, renewable, biodegradable, reusable packaging materials for liquids that can be consumable with liquids leading to various types of pollution and the need to throw away the used packaging to be avoided.

From idea to production, researchers have now come up with an edible water bottle that is absolutely eco-friendly. In 2014, a London startup has developed such material or we can say that they have come up with an edible water bottle (water ball) which can be given the shape of bubbles for liquid packaging. The sociality of an edible water bottle is that when thirsty, you can drink it and it can be eaten.

Yes, you read that right, Skipping Rocks Lab has created a substance called Ooho! Which is an edible or chewable water bottle.

Ooho! (Biodegradable Blob and Edible Water Blob ) can be consumed on a daily basis to eliminate plastic packaging requirements. Its aim is to help the world rid itself of the waste of plastic bottles.

What is Ooho made from?

The edible water bottle (Ooho) encapsulates a small amount of water in a membrane that is a transparent pouch made of chloride and seaweed. Ooho is a flexible plastic packaging material, resembling a gelatinous sphere. The liquid product of water is enclosed in this double jelly-like membrane which can be consumed on a daily basis.

Ooho The process is relatively simple. It is developed by mixing sodium alginate (E-401) found in brown algae and calcium chloride (E-509).

Any liquid product or water is sealed inside a gelatinous membrane made from seaweed. The final package is clean, simple, cheap, resistant, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and even cheaper than the material already plastic.

Skipping Rocks Lab states that a bio-degradable, edible water bottle can be consumed directly. However, if that’s not the case, the company claims that while plastic bottles require between 450 and 1,000 years to biodegrade, a bottle of edible water only needs an average of six weeks.

Although the jelly-like coating has no natural flavor, flavors can be added to it.

It takes a while to get used to grabbing edible water bottles, but in fact, it will be able to hydrate us exactly the right amount. However, nothing has been said about the size of the Ooho bubbles.


Skipping Rocks Lab has come up with the weirdest concept ever – an edible water bottle that can be filled with water or any liquid.

It’s called – Ooho. Ooho is a bubbly water ball made from seaweed. Surrounding it is a self-degradable and edible membrane. It is made from seaweed.

You can open the oho to make mouth-watering or eat it straight away. Throwing it after drinking water, it will automatically get destroyed in 4-6 weeks, like any fruit is destroyed.


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