Benefits Of Sole Water

Despite no conclusive evidence in favor of the benefits of Sole water, countless health claims revolve around this product.

Sole water — pronounced “so-lay” and not ‘soul’— is also known as pink Himalayan salt water. It is completely saturated with natural salt. In most cases, it’s a simple mixture of Himalayan salt and water.

Many people swear by the effect of sole water because unrefined salts like Himalayan salt contain more than 84 minerals and trace elements, and are unrefined and additive-free. Crude salts retain their more healthy minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium without any additives.

Himalayan salt is prized for properties that release unique energy when soaked in water. Drinking this water helps in balancing the pH level in the body, and helps in replenishing lost electrolytes thereby flushing out toxins and improving energy.

Proponents suggest that sole water is the new buzzword in one’s wellbeing. Its purported benefits include losing weight, balancing your hormones, improved sleep patterns, hydration, decreasing muscle cramps, calming inflammation, relieving stress, and healthy habits. However, benefits sound impressive, but more research is necessary in the favor of its possible health benefits.

What is sole water?

Sole water is a simple mixture of Himalayan salt and water or water saturated with pink Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is extracted from mines near the Himalayas in Pakistan.

This is usually done by mixing Himalayan salt and water in a glass container or jar and leave it for 12-24 hours. When all the salts have dissolved, the water is considered completely saturated. Prepared to drink by mixing a small amount of sole water in a glass of regular water.

Most proponents of sole water suggest using 1 teaspoon of sole water per 8-ounce serving, to provide a variety of health benefits.

This drink balances your body’s positively and negatively charged ions, such as sodium and other minerals. Some people claim that drinking Sole water balances ion levels also. However, its effectiveness has not been tested by scientific research, but users have made it popular.

What Are the Health Benefits of Sole Water?

Those who still swear of sole water, suggest that it can benefit a lot.

Inspires Better Sleep

One study found that a low-sodium diet disrupts sleep. Sodium is critical for proper sleep and adequate hydration.

In fact, Himalayan salt is higher in sodium than many minerals. The sole water is even less since Himalayan salt is dissolved in water, and balances out your sodium consumption throughout the day. Therefore, the mineral present in the sole water helps to calm the nervous system. Salt helps in getting a good night’s sleep by reducing dangerous stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Keep the digestive system healthy

It is very important for the salivary gland to be active for good digestion and Himalayan salt water helps in activating the salivary gland in the mouth. The natural salt inside the stomach helps stimulate the enzymes that digest hydrochloric acid and proteins. Due to which the food eaten gets broken down and digested easily. Apart from this, enzymes in the liver also get stimulated, which makes it easier to digest food.

Adequate hydration

Since pink Himalayan salt contains more sodium than other minerals. However, it is lower in sodium than table salt. Nevertheless, sole water proponents claim that this drink is important for adequate hydration.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Some experts in Ayurveda say that the minerals in Himalayan salt help reduce high blood pressure. In addition, a diet high in sodium such as table salt can increase blood pressure.

Prevents Muscle Cramps

The sole water of the Himalayas contains mineral content such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride and sodium. Like other salts, sole water is composed mostly of sodium chloride, which improves muscle spasms.

The magnesium content of Himalayan salt helps to soothe tight muscles and sore, soft tissues.


Sole water is a drink made from pink Himalayan salt and water. It has equivalent replacement for mineral- and sodium-rich foods. The benefits of Sole water often touted as a natural aid for sleep, hydration, and digestion.


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