Nature has given us many fruits as boons. All fruits are endowed with some special quality. One such fruit is Mangosteen, which is known as the “queen of fruits” and is also considered the food of the gods. That is why the uses and benefits of Mangosteen fruit are surprising.

It is an evergreen tree found exclusively in Indonesia. Mangosteen is also the national fruit of Thailand. However, in countries like India, this fruit is very popular.

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is an exotic, tropical fruit with a slightly sweet and sour taste. All the nutrients are found in this fruit, which are necessary for our body.

The mangosteen is an incredibly nutritious superfood, it shouldn’t be overlooked — seeds, skin, and pulp — contains high levels of antioxidants (known as xanthones), as well as fiber and vitamin C, while being low in calories.

At first glance, this fruit resembles purple mangosteen because of the deep purple color. However, inner the white flesh is creamy in texture, and also happens to be rich in iron, manganese, and copper, all minerals that help to build strong bones.

Mangosteen Nutrition Facts

Mangosteen fruit has been included in the very popular fruits due to the presence of high nutrient elements. This fruit is relatively low in calories yet provides many essential nutrients. (study) Such as-

The following information is 100g of mangosteen that has been canned in syrup and drained. (study)

  • Water 81g
  • Protein .41g
  • Carbs: 20 grams
  • Fiber, total dietary 1.8g
  • Vitamin C: 7% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
  • Vitamin B9 (folate): 10% of the RDI, Vitamin B1 (thiamine): 5% of the RDI, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 4% of the RDI

Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Consuming Mangosteen fruit is beneficial in controlling many health problems, which has also been evident from studies. This is because this fruit is full of wonderful nutrients. Different parts of this fruit and plant are used to get health benefits.

Packed With Antioxidents

Among the fruits known so far, most antioxidants are found in this fruit. This fruit naturally contains polyphenol compounds known as xanthones.

Severely mangosteen xanthones have bioavailability, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic activities. It has been aggressively marketed for its proposed health benefits.

Xanthones, are known to possess a broad spectrum of pharmacologic properties including antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory.

These antioxidants assess anticancer effects, supporting their remarkable potential as an anticancer agent. (study)

Boost Immunity

The one main benefits of Mangosteen is boosting immunity. Fruits have a good amount of vitamin C and fiber. Apart from this, it also contains Xanthones which is helpful in strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin C present in this fruit promotes the production and function of white blood cells. Apart from this, the compounds of this plant have antibacterial properties, which are helpful in eliminating harmful bacteria. Which improves your body’s immune power. (study)

Regulates Blood Pressure 

Mangosteen fruit has a good amount of mineral like potassium, copper, manganese and magnesium. All these components are helpful in controlling blood pressure and reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Weight Loss

The nutrients and fiber in this help control weight by reducing excessive fat in the body by strengthening the digestive system.

In addition, the amount of calories in the fruit is very small, as well as the amount of fat is negligible.

Its peel has higher xanthon content than mangosteen fruit. Which is effective in reducing the symptoms of obesity.

Anticancer Effects

This fruit has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, that play a role in inhibiting cancer cell growth and reduced incidences of cancer. (study)

A small number of studies observed that xanthones can kill cancer cell growth, including in breast, stomach, and lung tissue.

Good Digestion

It has a good amount of fiber which helps to keep the digestive system healthy. The high amount of fiber in it also increases your intake of prebiotics, which helps to keep your intestines healthy. (study)

Consuming Mangosteen fruits regularly relieves problems like constipation and diarrhea.

Benefits Of Mangosteen For Healthy Skin

Mangosteen fruits are available in adequate amounts of vitamin C to keep the skin healthy. Which shows the benefits of Mangosteen fruit as the traditional remedy for acne in the skin.

For remove Acne read:- Anti-Acne Diet

Apart from this, it has many types of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is helpful in repairing damaged cells and resolving many types of skin problems.

How to Eat Mangosteen? 

Mangosteen is not available everywhere. It is a seasonal fruit and it occurs only in summer. The fruit season is relatively short, so its availability is quite limited.

You can buy it from exclusive Asian markets. It is also present in the market in frozen or canned forms and can be easily purchased at cheap prices

The peels of the Mangosteen are smooth and of a dark purple color. Which is not edible. You can easily remove it with a knife. It has white and juicy pulp inside it. It can mix in a fruit salad.

side effects of Mangosteen

Consuming mangosteen fruit is very beneficial for health. But for some people, it is not safe. Therefore, this fruit should not consume in large quantities..

Pregnant women should avoid its intake, as it can be harmful to the fetus.
Consumption of mangosteen fruit in high amounts can increase digestive problems. Because this fruit contains a high amount of fiber. Due to which it can cause diarrhea or stomach pain.

Antioxidants are present in this fruit. If you are taking chemotherapy then taking it along with medicines can affect your body.

Some people may also be allergic to Mangosteen. So if you are consuming this fruit, then definitely talk to your doctor or herbalist.

Therefore, there is no specific scientific evidence regarding mangosteen supplements.


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