Benefits Of Neem

Neem is one of the power plants and famous for using in many ayurvedic herbs since ancient time in India. Benefits of neem it contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti- mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, anti hyperglycemic, anti-ulcer, anti-malarial, anti- carcinogenic properties.

“What is Neem Tree”

It is an evergreen and fast-growing tree in can severe drought. it is easy to grow in different kind of soil and normal temperatures, environment or condition. it can live for 200 years. its height is about nearby 60-70ft. it may shed most its leaves are very close and close. it is commonly found to India’s public building, temple, schools and shed lining street.

Neem tree comes from the “MAHOGANY FAMILY”. it is one of two species in the genius known as Azadirachta in English and botanic name is Azadirachta indica. neem declared national tree of Hyderabad state and state plant of Arunachal Pradesh.

It also known as vepa in Telugu, veppilai in Tamil, aaru in Malayalam olle bevu in Kannada, nim in Hindi, nimbi pata in Bengali, limba in Gujarati, kadulimb in Marathi, mindi in Indonesia, Azad darakht in Farsi.

Parts of Neem Tree

Benefits of neeem gain from its many parts. it’s all parts is very useful.

Neem Seed:-the neem seed is a basic input for the tree. it is smooth and looks a lot like an olive, and thin light brown skinned. its seed is used to making seed oil. the oil can be obtained through crushing of the seed. seed oil is very useful for birth control, leprosy, and intestinal worms. the Neem seed  is also useful to methane gas produce. and seed oil import from India.

It is extremely bitter in taste. in India neem oil is not used for cooking, it’s used for preparing cosmetic, herbs and traditional medicines.

Do not used seed over 8 months of age.

the seed oil can be toxic.

Neem Peel and Bark:-neem bark taken from the neem tree. it is very hard and brownish color. the bark is used for malaria, skin diseases, pain, intestinal ulcers, healing wounds. neem bark can be freeze dried or ground into a fine powder. for use at a later date.

Naam Twigs/Pedicle:-neem twigs collect from an organic tree and dried. , to make many herbs and toothiest.

Neem leaf:-neem leaf have contains chemicals. and it’s also have medicinal properties such as anti malaria,  and antiulcer. neem leaf is also used making an insecticide spray. it is available in north-east India.

Neem flower:-neem flower provide vitamin, minerals and antioxidant. the flower is used for urani and homeopathio medicine. these taste bitter but are quite good for health. daily consumption of raw and dried flower will make stronger health.

Neem fruits:-neem fruit measure up to 1.4 to2.8 centimeters with single embedded seed, this shape on an olive or like small green mangoes. its inner pulp is yellowish in color. neem oil made extracted from the neem fruit.

neem fruits has 32.8% cal., 12.4% k.,25%mg.,17.24% p.,23.7% Na.,and 20% N. it is used as a medicine for curing disease.

 Benefits of Neem Tree for Health, Hair, and Skin

  1. Nourishes skin:- the anti-oxidants properties protect skin from environmental damage. benefits of neem leaves can help reduce dry skin, dark spots, blackheads and skin tone. neem is the biggest source of vitamin E. which helps reduce skin problems. take 2 table spoon of neem leaves power to add bark power each, add a little warm water and mix well make a paste. apply it and leave after 15 minutes. to bring back natural glow.
  2. Wound healing:- neem is a great source of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which is why it heals wounds and burns. take a piece of wet bark and make a paste with water and dab it on wounds.
  3. Remove hair lice and dandruff:-dandruff is mostly caused by fungus. the antibacterial properties of neem can help to dead cells of the scalp. the neem oil is especially effective in hair lice and dandruff.
  4. Boost immunity:-neem support immune health for sensitive people. Its substance of vitamin E is helping increase the body’s ability. neem capsules or capsule of vitamin E both are helping to the immune system.
  5. Controlling cold and phlegm:-neem leaf is a wonderful remedy to cure a cold and phlegm at home. intake a neem tea twice daily to relief in phlegm.
  6. Cures asthma:-no need to depend on chemical remedies. consuming raw neem leaves daily basis it helps to cure asthma.
  7. Control diabetes:- neem is revitalized, and its leaf and seed are used as an active ingredient cure for diabetes. intake one tablespoon of neem leaf juice daily on an empty stomach after bathing in the morning for control diabetes.
  8. Tooth care master:- neem twigs is the biggest tooth care in India. neem is a natural antimicrobial remedy. and its anti-bacterial properties help to kill gum bacteria’s. in the old days, Indian people did not use toothpaste, they used only neem twigs to clean teeth. chewing neem twigs to prevent gum diseases, to avoid cavities, maintain teeth and through all this freshen the breath. neem bark powder also prevents dental disorder or cavities.

Conclusion: –neem is evergreen and fast-growing tree. it brings joy and freedom from various diseases because it’s all parts have many properties those are very usefull for medicine .


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