Popularly known as Sadabahar and Nayantara, this flower is not only beautiful and attractive but also considered rich in medicinal properties. There have been many types of research on its medicinal properties, which is enough to give it a good and accessible medicine status.

The evergreen or Sadabhar flower looks very simple and is easily found everywhere. It is named evergreen because it flowers for 12 months or the whole year. So let’s now know what is the evergreen or Sadabhar flower and what are the medicinal benefits of Sadabhar.

What is Sadabahar ?

Evergreen or Sadabharis a small shrubby plant. In India, it is usually grown on pots or land as an ornamental plant in orchards. Its round leaves are green and shiny and smooth. Once the plant is set, other plants grow automatically around it. The flower with five petals blooms in shades of white, pink, purple. The surface of the leaves and fruit is slightly thick. Its smooth thick leaves reduce the evaporation of water and due to the very low water requirement, it blooms and spreads anywhere in great fun. Because of its quality, flower lovers named it Nayan Tara or Evergreen. Even after placing the flowers, the whole day remains fresh. It is used a lot in offering worship in temples.

The plant is native to the Madagascar country of the continent of Africa, where it grows wild in the tropical rain forests. By the way, its botanical name is Periwinkle and Vinca. In northern India, it has got a very correct name Evergreen or Sadhabhar and Nayantara.

Latin name: Catharanthus roseus, formerly Vinca rosea or Lochnera rosea.

Sadhabhar also is known as red periwinkle, Madagascar or Cape periwinkle, old maid, church-flower, ram-goat rose, myrtle, Magdalena, Sadapushpi, Sadaphuli, Baramati.

In France, it is called the Vajirna Flower and in Italy the Flower of Death. In Italy, garlands were placed on the shroud of dead children.

Plants of foreign origin usually expand themselves rapidly to form weeds, which are often called ‘biological pollutants’ but this type of tendency has not been found in Sadhabhar. Therefore, Sadhabhar is not harmful to ecology and environment like other foreign plants.

Medicinal Properties and Uses:

Medicinal properties are usually found in the entire plant except for flowers. the bark of its roots is the most important part of the medicinal point of view. It is well recognized in Ayurveda.

A study tells us- It produces nearly 130 alkaloids including ajmaline, serpentine, reserpine, vindoline, vincristine, and vinblastin.

The leaves of evergreen also contain an alkaline substance called ‘wickerstein’ which is very useful in cancer, especially blood cancer (leukemia). (study)

A Study tells it is used in the treatment of cough, sore throat and lung infection. The most interesting thing is that it has also been found useful in the treatment of diabetes.

Health Benefits Of Sadabahar

Not only do its flowers make you look good but the special thing about this plant is that it can relieve our body from many diseases. It has also been used as a medicine in Ayurveda.

Control Diabetes

Catherineathus rose leaves have many health benefits, it has good antioxidant capacity. (Study) It is beneficial in reducing blood sugar as well as in reducing high blood pressure.

Chew three to four leaves of the plant on an empty stomach, this will help to manage blood sugar levels.

Naturopaths in India recommend diabetics to use their white flowers on an empty stomach in the morning.

Ward Off Cancer

Ayurveda researchers have called the white flowering evergreen plant beneficial in this disease. This leaf is an anti-cancer. It inhibits the growth of a cell that increases disease. (study)

The leaves of evergreen also contain an alkaline substance called ‘wickerstein’ which is very useful in cancer, especially blood cancer (leukemia). In this way, today this toxic plant is working as a Sanjeevani herb.

Its leaves and stems are good sources of alkaloids that have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.

Irregular Menstrual

Irregular or timely menstruation is not a new thing. Most women are troubled by menstrual problems. In such a situation, women should regularly consume some leaves of the evergreen flower.

Take the pink flowers of the evergreen plant and boil them in a cup of water. Sieve the water and drink it on an empty stomach every morning.

Sore Throat

Its bases are found to have bactericidal properties, so the extract of the leaves is used in the treatment of ‘Staphylococcal’ and ‘Streptococcal’ infections. Usually, both these types of infections affect the throat and lungs in humans. Therefore, the use of the essence of leaves is very beneficial for the throat.

Increasing Blood Circulation

The evergreen plant is very effective in blood circulation. There is a lot of chlorophyll in its leaves, which consumed, cleans the blood and liver. It contains juices which act as a blood purifier. It promotes blood circulation in the body and also cleanses the liver.


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