Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Have you suffered from severe acne and wondered if you can just get rid of your skin or shed it? Have you wondered if there is any remedy to you muscle aches and weakness along with arthritis which is easy to use and has almost no side effects? Have you ever wished for a healthy immune system to fend off diseases and remain disease-free? If yes, then you should try juniper berry essential oil. It has various properties which are healthy for treating different conditions and has benefits for hair, skins and acne benefits.

Juniper berry essential oil usually derives from the Juniperuscommunis plant species’ fresh or even the dried berries as well as the needles. Popularly famous as powerful detoxifier and booster of the immune system, juniper berry plants come from Bulgaria and have a long history of helping to prevent short-term and long-term diseases. 

Juniper berry oil is known to be extremely beneficial for skin, hair, and treating acne. Juniper berries are rich in antioxidant flavonoids along with polyphenols with functional free radical scavenging capacity. Because, during the medieval period, they were seen as the protectors of health— both emotional and physical — juniper berries were thought to help ward off witches. Moreover, juniper and rosemary were burned by French hospital wards for years to help protect patients from bacteria and infections that linger.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Benefits

Juniper berry essential oil is most widely used in natural remedies for sore throat and respiratory infections, weakness, muscle aches, and arthritis. It can also help to soothe flair-ups of the skin, boost the immune system, help with insomnia and help with digestion.

Research shows that juniper berry essential oil carries more than 87 different active compounds, including solid antioxidants, antibacterials, and antifungals. The oil has become a household cleaning products, aromatherapy blends, and fragrance sprays with a sweet, woody smell (some people say it’s similar to balsamic vinegar).

Benefits for skin and acne

Juniper berry essential oil is among the most common natural remedies for treating skin irritations (such as rash or eczema) and infections with natural antibacterial abilities. It can act as a home remedy for acne due to its antiseptic properties, and some people also like using juniper oil for hair and scalp problems such as dandruff.

Look at Juniper Berry Oil for the ultimate purification of the epidermis to leave your skin thoroughly cleansed and your pores free from harmful impurities. In addition, Juniper Berry Oil, along with Lavender Oil and Clary Sage Oil, is especially useful for skin that is sensitive to acne. Juniper Berry Essential Oil, which detoxifies and is full of antioxidants, is a natural healer. This acts to strengthen and reinforce the epidermis so that it can protect itself against impurities that can damage the skin and cause premature ageing. Juniper Berry Oil helps control hormones and improve the conditions of the skin created by hormonal imbalances, making the skin healthier and more even and less sensitive to external aggressors. 

Benefits for Hair

Juniper berry essential oil especially is a fantastic manner of treating irritation and dryness at the scalp. Basically, this is how dandruff occurs on our heads. Most anti-dandruff shampoos consist of herbal extracts, which is accurate; however, they also have masses of tough to pronounce chemical substances that can disturb our hair’s herbal oil balance, in addition, to depart it feeling dry. With Juniper Berry essential oil, you could either blend the oil without delay onto the scalp’s surface by means of simply slowly massaging it in or add a few drops to your regular herbal shampoo to help give a boost to its anti-dandruff properties. 

Other Benefits of Juniper Berry Essential Oil

1. Helps Relieve Bloating

 Juniper berries have anti-bacterial as well as antifungal properties. Juniper berry oil is used as a homoeopathic medicine to treat urinary tract infections and bladder infections.

The berries also are essentially a natural diuretic drug, that assists the body to easily flush out the additional and excess fluids from the bladder and urethra. Basically, this has the vital potential to reduce bloating and can be particularly useful once combined with alternative medicine and diuretic drug foods, as well as cranberries, fennel and dandelion.

 2. Boosts Digestion

 Juniper stimulates organic process enzymes and makes it easier to interrupt down and absorb supermolecule, fats and nutrients from foods. This can be as a result of it being a “bitter.” Bitters are herbs that help start the digestive process, but this has not been tested totally on humans. However, it’s proved to carry true in a minimum of one animal study, within which cows had considerably improved digestion once given garlic and juniper berry essential oils. Few individuals suggest juniper berry oil for losing weight; however, this use conjointly hasn’t been backed by any reliable studies.

 For a natural organic process aid or liver cleanse, you’ll be able to attempt taking juniper berry oil as a dietary supplement by adding one to two drops to a smoothie or water.

 3. Relaxant and Sleep Aid

Essentially, the smell of juniper berries provides both emotional support as well as reduce the physical along with the emotional signs of stress. A particular study conducted a test on an essential oil fragrance that actually combined juniper berry oil along with sandalwood, rose and orris. On the examination of the result on insomniacs, who were certainly taking medication for their pre-existing condition, on observervation, researchers found that twenty-six of the twenty-nine subjects were ready to scale back their drug indefinite-quantity when using the essential oil fragrance at the hours of darkness. Twelve subjects were ready to eliminate medications. 

 For natural sleep aid, utilize juniper berry essential oil by simply disseminating it across your room, along with dabbing some oil on to your own wrists (diluted with a carrier oil) or garments for associate degree ascension fragrance, or adding some drops to your detergent, so that the smell lingers on your garments and linens. 

 4. Heartburn and Acid Reflex Relief

 Another ancient use of juniper berry oil is to treat heartburn and acid reflux. To assuage upset stomach symptoms like acid reflux, massage one to two drops of juniper berry oil homogenized with coconut oil over the whole abdomen, abdomen and chest, or think about taking it internally. However, confer with your natural health care supplier before ingesting it.   

 5. Could reduce cellulite

 Juniper oil can also be used as a cellulite remedy. It could also facilitate to scale back cellulite’s appearance because of active elements like alpha-pinene as well as sabinene along with juniperene. Now, add one hundred percent therapeutic juniper berry essential oil to grapefruit fat cream to decrease the entire cellulite.

 6. Insect Repellent

 The scent of juniper might naturally repel bugs like mosquitoes, according to research. Spray it on your garments, combine it with a carrier oil and massage into your skin, or diffuse it inside and outdoors to purify the air and facilitate bug bites. You’ll be able even to embody it in your home-baked bug spray.

 7. Natural Antiseptic

 Whether you’re searching for a far better social unit cleaner or a natural antiseptic for skin or metabolic process infections, juniper berry oil is also one answer. Its antimicrobial properties facilitate to kill bacterium and supply what might be a potent treatment for uncomplicated infections. Some studies counsel this oil can be effective against bacterium and fungi that are proof against antibiotics. Juniper berry oil features a robust antifungal reaction against the bacterium that causes fungus. 

To help forestall or scale back microorganism strains from spreading among your home, use juniper oil on room and loo surfaces or appliances. Once subtle inside, it absorbs odours from your home, whereas conjointly purifying the air your family breathes. Run many drops through your washer or dishwasher, and replace business improvement product — that sometimes contain multiple harsh chemicals — with natural medicine juniper oil mixed with water.

 8. Powerful inhibitor

 One reason juniper berry oil might perform in numerous other ways is as a result of it contains antioxidants that facilitate to slow age-related degradation, like skin issues, in addition as forestall sickness. 

 An antioxidant is related to hindrance and development of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

 9. Can help reduce high blood pressure level

 Correlated with its inhibitor activity, juniper berry oil can be one natural way to scale back the high-pressure level. High blood pressure is sort of manageable with diet and lifestyle changes, such as diffusive wholesome essential oils like juniper berry. However, if left untreated, it will result in cardiovascular disease and varied alternative conditions.

Wrapping Up

Juniper berry essential oil has a variety of benefits for skin, hair, acne benefits and much more. It helps insomniacs, relaxes the body, eases stress, improves the immune system, reduces high blood pressure and a plethora of things. Include juniper berry essential oil in your daily lives and avail its benefits to the fullest. The list of benefits included here is presented with the best of our knowledge. However, consult a physician or an expert before trying it.


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