Rice is the most consumed cereal worldwide. It is the second most grown grain in the world. It has many varieties like White rice, Brown rice, Red rice, Aroma rice, Jasmine rice, Basmati rice, etc. Mostly white and brown rice is used. But due to growing health-related concerns, it can be said that white rice is not good for health. Instead, brown rice is a better option for health. So let’s know Brown Rice Vs White Rice – Which one is better for health.

Now we will know how can brown rice more useful for health than white rice.

Brown Rice vs White Rice

Brown Rice- Rice is made up of many layers. After removing the outermost layer of rice, it falls into the category of brown rice. Once the outer layer is removed, it retains all the nutrition.

White Rice- A few more layers of brown rice are removed by machines after that polishing is done and then it becomes white rice. Because of this, another layer, called Alliuin, (this layer contains all the nutrients) that are depleted. As a result, white rice lacks some antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, Selenium, copper, niacin, fats, fiber, and a small amount of protein.

White rice tastes better but does not contain nutrition. You must have realized that eating brown rice is more beneficial than white rice.

Now we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both varieties.

Nutritional differences Between Brown Vs White Rice

Without processing rice is much higher in nutrients. It includes fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and many minerals. Because of it, White rice has significantly fewer nutrients than brown rice.

Studies have shown that White rice and brown rice are two types of the same rice. But higher amounts of fiber and fewer calories, carbs found in brown rice.

Calcium– However, white rice has more calcium than brown rice. According to research – one cup of white rice has 16 milligrams Calcium and in brown rice only 6 milligrams per cup.

Health Effects of Brown and White Rice

Antinutrients and Arsenic- Brown Rice is rich in Antinutrients and Arsenic, which may provide some health benefits. Arsenic is a metal that is present in the environment. Also, the fatty acid is found in brown rice due to which it can be difficult to absorb nutrients.

Weight Loss– The researchers found that the excess intake of white rice will increase body mass index (BMI). But brown rice contains a high amount of fiber. Because of which you do not feel hungry for a long time. It is important to include brown rice in your diet for weight loss.

Whole-grain- Brown rice is a whole grain that has the outer bran layer and germ intact and therefore, contains a higher amount of fiber, minerals, vitamins, endosperm, and carbohydrates. While white rice is not a whole grain at all.

Blood Sugar and Diabetes Risk– Research suggests that magnesium and fiber are found in high amounts in brown rice. Which help in controlling the blood sugar level. This reduces the likelihood of having type-2 diabetes by 60 percent. Glycemic index levels in white rice are more than 70%. which can prove to be dangerous for diabetic patients.

Cholesterol Level- To keep your heart healthy it is important that you reduce your cholesterol, which blocks your arteries. Brown rice bran contains unsaturated oils, which help reduce cholesterol.

Similar points of Brown Rice and White Rice

  • Both varieties of rice are naturally gluten-free.
  • Brown and white rice contain the same amount of selenium.
  • Both rice develops more resistant starch when cooled after cooking.
  • Brown rice and white rice both are also available in long and short grains.
  • Both types of rice consist almost entirely of carbs.
  • Both brown and white rice are good sources of manganese.


As we know, a plate of food looks incomplete without rice. Rice is a major part of worldwide food, which people like to eat daily. Even in Indian homes, rice is included in food more than once a day. Most rice lovers have been seen tasting white rice, but nowadays people have started consuming brown rice. Brown rice can be a new word for many people. As mentioned above, it is more useful from the health point of view. Actually, white rice is more popular but it is seen as a bitter white enemy towards health, which may be beautiful in appearance but is fatal from the health point of view.


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