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Yoga for Weight Loss, people today suffer from a plethora of health problems and an overweight body increases a myriad of diseases.

It is a major problem that people face owing to sitting job culture, lack of physical exercise, and complete disregard for health.

The conundrum of health issues is a primary concern. It is important to change personal habits and gain healthy traits which include dedication, discipline, and commitment to achieve a balanced lifestyle and lose weight. Losing weight is quite a tedious task and requires an immense focus on diets and workouts, but often people lose hope because of disinterest in a strict workout regime and balanced food intake.

The unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and health issue form a vicious circle and often result in weight gain. To break this chain of event people intermittently go through various weight loss program, but generally, it entails efforts to break the pattern to lose weight. To achieve the goal of decreasing body weight, inculcating better health practices and exercise into the lifestyle become a must otherwise it can lead to a state of depression and cause a negative mindset which may discourage a person to never push himself to achieve weight loss and lead a healthy life.

Yoga is the culmination of various physical and mental exercises which deals with constant work to gain the balance of mind, body, and soul. Few poses in Yoga are better in different aspects than others and introducing these poses into your daily exercise routine may help you gain better results in a short span of time.

It is necessary to break the cycle of bad eating habits, unhealthy sitting postures, inability to take time out for exercise in our daily busy schedule and immense pressure put on by workload and daily lifestyle, to achieve better health. Practising Yoga can on a daily basis can rehabilitate your body and help you lose your weight. It refreshes our state of mind, balances our body and achieves spiritual cleansing of our soul. With determined Yoga practices to lose excess body weight, you can achieve tremendous results and feel refreshed with an increased sense of physical stability and coherent cognitive functions.

Regular Yoga practice can help you achieve body weight loss with simple steps of various asanas and poses. It is better than strenuous workouts, and we present a few of the best Yoga poses to help you achieve weight loss.

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1.Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

It consists of a compilation of 12 yoga poses in a consistent sequence. Surya Namaskar Yoga practice offers the best results in achieving flexibility of the body and strengthening of the muscles, not to forget weight loss. It is well-known as the king of the asanas.

2.Warrior Pose

This pose helps in achieving the strengthening of hamstrings, legs, ankles, and thighs as body weight is duly transferred to the thighs with continuous bending forward. Regularly practicing this pose stimulates the abdominal region and helps to build body stamina. Virabhadrasana helps in improving metabolism which leads to loss of body weight.


It is a simple pose that is best suited for improving the digestive system of the body. Marjariasana inculcates simple exercises that assist in weight loss.

4.Bow Pose

It enables stretching of the abdominal region while practicing this pose. This stretch helps in losing excess fat in the abdominal region. It burns this excess fat around arms and legs muscles too. Practicing Bow pose in continuity helps in losing belly fat.

5.Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana works on the back and chest region of the body. During this pose, you take deep breaths which stimulate your heart to pump more oxygenated blood to various body parts which in turn help in burning fat, especially in the buttocks area.

6.Side Bends

Working on the stomach region is essential to losing weight. After a certain age, the fat starts accumulating in this region and popularly known “love handles” can be reduced by this pose. It burns a chunk of calories, but it is also instrumental in losing inches.

The miraculous result of these Yoga poses can be felt in a few days, and you will lose weight with the disciplined practicing of these poses. However, good eating habits and leading a healthy lifestyle also bears huge significance in achieving weight loss.


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