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Mar 12, 2021
What are the benefits when you sleep with onion in socks?

Whether to increase the taste of food or the elegance of salad, everything is incomplete without onion. Probably everyone knows[…]

Mar 06, 2021
21 Homemade Face Mask Using Natural Ingredients

A homemade face mask made with natural ingredients can quickly resolve common facial problems and bring a natural glow. Is[…]

Mar 03, 2021
21 healthy habits for a healthier life

There is an endless list of healthy habits for a healthier life that we could follow, but in this article,[…]

Feb 27, 2021
Amazing benefits of chewing gum you need to know

Some people chew chewing gum as an amateur, some people resort to it to pass the time, but do you[…]

Feb 24, 2021
Top 10 Tips for manage your expenses for a healthy life

We all face stress due to our expanses. Stress creates many diseases in our bodies. if you manage your expenses[…]

Feb 19, 2021
Top 7 steps to Boost your happiness hormone

Even though there are people, who are depressed due to chemical reasons meaning they are depressed for no other reason,[…]

Feb 04, 2021
Quit smoking: Effective tips for Successfully Quit smoking

To successfully quit smoking, it is important to prepare yourself first. You have to convince yourself that what you are[…]

Jan 12, 2021
What Are The Common Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu is a scripture of ancient India. In which detailed information is given regarding Vastu (house) construction. The principles of[…]

Jan 08, 2021
10 Benefits of Bentonite Clay For Skin and Hair

Bentonite is an old clay formed from ancient volcanic ash. Primarily hydrated aluminum forms silicates, which contain metal molecules such[…]

Jan 07, 2021
A beginner’s guide to Intermittent Fasting

Fasting has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. At the same time, intermittent fasting is now becoming[…]