Winter nail care

Not just your skin; Your nails also get dry, itchy, brittle, and cracked during the cold and dry winter months! Since dry and cold air can be drying especially sucks out the moisture from your body which really spoils your beauty routine. If you make a few simple changes to keep your buff nails from getting ruined by the cold in winter, your nails don’t have to take the brunt of the cold and you can avert major disasters. Some winter nail care tips do wonders may for your buff nails.

I have a simple routine of hand and nail care which is important, especially in winter for ugly brittle nails.

A Quality Winter Nail Care Tips

To keep your nails in tip-top shape, prevent brittle nails, and keep the skin around your nails shiny and healthy in winter, try these winter nail care routines:

Hydrate your hands

The winter months make our nail plates more prone to dehydration, and dehydration promotes dry, splitting nails, or brittle edges.

Apart from this, repeated use of alcohol-containing sanitizers can make this problem worse, so follow up with a moisturizer.

Use cream or lotion. Your cream or lotion must contain alpha hydroxy or lanolin. Take a little cream or lotion on your finger and gently massage your nails.

(Gently massage your nails with cream or lotion contain alpha hydroxy or lanolin)

Wear gloves

In the winter season, frequent hand washing removes the natural moisture of the nails, due to which they become lifeless and break, in such a situation, you can wear gloves while doing household chores. This is a good option. Before sleeping at night, massage your nails with coconut or olive oil and remove gloves.

(wear gloves while doing household chores)

Cuticle oil

Soak your nails in lukewarm water at least once a week during the winter season and then apply cuticle oil on them. This moisture the nails. After this, wearing gloves for at least one hour gives good results.

(Soak your nails in lukewarm water then apply cuticle oil on them)

File wet nails then polish

It is especially important to get your nails wet before doing any nail modification methods. Since filing wet nails can reduce nail breakage by removing any rough edges. The file and polish is perfect for keeping your nails health in winter.

It’s more important to add new length by gently filing them two to three times per week.

(Clip and filing wet nails can reduce nail breakage)

Always apply the base coat

Actually, the base coat contains cellulose, which hydrates and strengthens the nails by preventing them from breaking. Also, by doing this, the nail paint applied by you also does not get spoiled for a long time.

(Actually, the base coat contains cellulose, which hydrates and strengthens the nails)

Avoid contact with water

In winter, reduce the time your nails come in contact with water, it does not mean that you stop washing your hands. For example, consider wearing gloves when washing clothes, dishes, or doing other wet chores. Because excessive water exposure can weaken the nail structure.

(Excessive water exposure can weaken the nail structure.)

Glycerin with rose water

After water and fragrances, glycerin is the most important substance used in cosmetic products. It is the main ingredient used in moisturizers and lotions. Glycerin hydrates the outer layer of our skin or nails, protects the skin from irritation and also helps in faster healing of wounds.

Avoid using absolutely pure glycerin. You can apply it mixed with rose water for better nail care.

(Apply Glycerin with rose water for better nail care in winter)

Don’t cut cuticles

Sometimes hangnails form at the edge of the nail bed, which can be very painful. Also, if the hangnail is not cut properly, it can grow and cause problems for you. In this case, you should never cut your cuticles. Instead, apply a cuticle-removing formula around your nail. It will easily get you rid of hangnails.

(apply a cuticle-removing formula around your nail to get rid of hangnails)


Your nails require proper care and attention regularly in winters. In winter, along with the skin, the nails also become lifeless and dry, and the problem of breakage of nails weakened from the roots has to be faced. Some nail care tips and tricks may help to keep your dry nails shainy and more beautiful.


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