Eye Twitching

According to Vedic Indian astrology, superstition using twitching of the eyes is not just in India. In other parts of the world, it is treated as a somewhat different sign. However, blink happens on its own most of the time and doesn’t last long.

In Samudrikshastra, auspicious and inauspicious results are assessed on the basis of the nature and qualities of a person. One of them is eyes blinking.

A lot has been told about the blinking of eyes. People also believe that blinking the eye means being informed about the upcoming event. Twitching of eyes is inauspicious as well as auspicious.

There is a different meaning of the twitching of different eyes in both men and women. The twitching of the left eye of women and the right eye of men is auspicious. If a woman’s right eye and men’s left eye twitch, then it is considered an inauspicious sign.

In this way, many people have different beliefs about the blinking of their eyes. Everyone has their own belief, some call it superstition, and some believe it with full faith. Some belief in science, while some draw conclusions by linking it to astrology. So let’s know what is the meaning of blinking of eyes.

Causes of eye twitching

Whenever our eye twitch or blinks, then we definitely think that why our eye blinks, and what could be the reason behind the tearing of the eye, blinking of the eye is a normal process, but if this eye blinks too much then it can harm our eye.

The main 5 reasons for the twitching of eyes are –

Eye problem

Twitching of the eyes – what does science say?

According to science, fluttering of eyelids is a common symptom of the human body. The muscles of the eye get together in one place, due to which there is tension in the eyes, but the pain is not felt. After some time it gets fixed by itself.

According to the assumptions

Common beliefs simply say that if seen in astrology according to Samudrikshastra, then blinking of eyes means something else. The blinking of the eyes is associated with auspicious and inauspicious signs.

Left Eye Twitching

The blinking of the right eye of men means that something good is going to happen to him. It is considered auspicious for men. According to astrology, the blinking of a man’s right eye indicates that his dream is going to come true soon. Although the twitching of the right eye of women is considered inauspicious. Twitching of the right eye of a woman can be a sign of her poor health.

Right Eye Twitching

Twitching of the left eye is inauspicious for men. This can be a sign of male misfortune. While the fluttering of the left eye of women is an auspicious sign for them. The twitching of the left eye of women is a sign of happiness and peace for them.

Different beliefs of different cultures

According to some cultures, blinking of the upper eyelids means that you will get some unexpected visitors at your home. When your lower eyelid droops, it signals that someone around you may be upset. Some other tribes believe that if the right eye twitches, a close relative may die. In addition, some cultures consider the blinking of the right eye to be a sign of good luck, happiness, and optimism.


In Indian astrology, blinking of the eyes is considered an auspicious and auspicious sign over which a person has no control. It is also not certain for how long it will last, but if a person’s eye keeps on blinking for a long time, do consult a doctor.


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