benefits of black garlic

Hardly a few people would know about black garlic And you must be wondering this is? So, here’s In this article, we summarize what is black garlic and the health benefits of black garlic.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is a form of white garlic, made by ferments, has numerous health benefits. White Garlic becomes Black garlic following a month-long fermentation process under strictly controlled heat and humidity. Its reaction also darkens white garlic into a black color.

In black garlic, all these qualities are like white garlic. Due to the passage of the fermentation process, Black Garlic has the properties of unique anti-oxidants. Therefore, there are many health benefits of black garlic compare to white garlic. Additionally, Black Garlic is rich in amino acids. It is free from odor and has a taste similar to figs.

On the other hand, it also contains a very specific compound called S-Allycysteine (SAC) in very high concentrations, which is water-soluble. It is absorbed easily within the body.

Compared to white garlic, it seems less acrid in taste, but this does not mean that nutrients are less in it. Due to the low Allysin content, the odorless garlic supplements are considered inferior.

It is widely known in Asia for its unique sweet, milder flavor, jelly-like texture, and sticky consistency.

Here are 6 health benefits of black garlic that are supported by human research.

What are the benefits of black garlic?

Black Garlic has lots of variety of health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory effects, immune system support, and improved cardiovascular function.

Apart from this it also contains nitrogen oxide, which has strong antiviral and antitumor effects. It also improves heart health and gives you better-looking hair and skin. Along with it has so many positive effects.

Furthermore, Most of the black garlic benefits are based on S-allyl cysteine(SAC), which becomes the most component following the aging process.

Contains more anti-oxidants

When black garlic goes through the fermentation process, unique anti-oxidant properties come within it. As a result of the fermentation process, it is converted into antioxidant compounds such as alkaloids and flavonoids.

A 2014 study found that rich in antioxidants, black garlic helps protect your cells from free radicals.

Rich source of vitamins and minerals

Researchers have found that- black garlic contains many vitamins and minerals, such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Zinc, and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C, carbohydrates, Food Fibre, etc. Ayurveda says-It improves human body function, improves physical strength, helps constipation, eliminates fatigue, protects the liver, improves prostate activity.

Black Garlic contains numerous sulfur compounds that may be beneficial in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Additionally, Its potent antimicrobial properties treat cholera and dysentery and lend immunity to influenza as well.

Anticancer properties

Black garlic is a potent natural anti-cancer agent than raw garlic, which helps fight cancer cells, especially in the pancreas, lungs, brain, and breasts. It stopped cancer cell growth, and prevents DNA in cancer cells from being repaired, ensures that the cancer cells die. It also inhibits the growth of a pathway that leads to the colon. (study)

Recently, some studies indicate that black garlic extract reported more immune-boosting, antioxidant, and anticancer activities.

Reduced Cholesterol Levels

Poor diets comprising of many high fat premade foods can boost levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Black garlic could help people with cholesterol issues. Its S-allyl cysteine (or SAC) from garlic inhibited cholesterol synthesis. (study)

Healthy Heart

Black garlic has many health-promoting properties. It contains antioxidant activity more than white garlic. Even this black garlic extract protects damaged cells in the laboratory.

It also helps decrease lipoprotein B in blood lipids, which is a reliable indicator of heart disease. (study)

Manage Blood Suger

Black garlic is more beneficial for diabetic patients and those who are at high risk of developing this condition. Black garlic extract is not only effective in lowering levels of blood cholesterol, but it is also able to reduce blood sugar levels as well.

The high antioxidant levels in black garlic are useful in preventing diabetes complications. (study)

Other Potential Black Garlic Health Benefits.

Black garlic is an extremely versatile ingredient. There’s a huge range of ways black garlic can use.

  • Black garlic contains different amino acids and other nutrients. That all are desperately needed in the body.
  • Black garlic can be consumed in raw or in botanicals supplements without objectionable olfactory effects.
  • It is beneficial for bone health and control thyroid glands as well.
  • It also may eliminate the garlic odor that can permeate the skin and hair.
  • Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and neuroprotective effects.


Black garlic is a form of white garlic, which is prepared by fermentation. This changes its taste is less pungent but it is rich in nutrients.

The antioxidants produced in black garlic due to fermentation are unique. They are rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, and alkaloids.
In fact, these antioxidants are good for the heart, liver, blood sugar, and cancer.


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