Protein powder at home

Protein powder is one of the essential nutritional supplements among health-conscious people.

Protein is an essential macronutrient and whenever it comes to increasing strength, energy, and stamina in the body, the name of protein is definitely taken in it. Apart from this, the body also needs protein to build muscle, repair tissue and make enzymes and hormones, strengthen muscles, enhance skin tone and strengthen hair.

The body needs more protein than normal when exercising or doing any kind of physical exertion. Apart from this, people who want to lose weight also need more protein. People resort to protein supplements so that there is no shortage of protein in the body.

Many different types of protein powders are made from a variety of sources.

What Are Protein Powders?

Protein powders are available in different sources of protein and in many formulations. Plants (soybeans, peas, rice, potatoes, or hemp), eggs, or milk (casein or whey protein) are concentrated sources of protein.

Whey, soy and casein proteins are three common ones.

Whey is the most popular protein supplement and also a complete protein, water-soluble milk protein popular among athletes.

Soy protein is a favorite of vegetarians, making it an excellent option for those who don’t consume dairy.

Casein protein is rich in glutamine, an amino acid that can speed up muscle recovery after exercise.

Why Protein Powder?

Protein is an essential requirement for weight loss, helps repair tissue, build enzymes, muscle growth, hair growth, antibody action, as well build and tone muscles and strengthen, repair or replace tissue.

Consuming protein enables you to last longer with food intake. It helps in gaining healthy weight. Protein is said to be an essential requirement for meeting all nutritional needs from food. However, it depends on your age, weight, activity level and health needs.

Protein is very important for old people and pregnant women from children. Most of the protein is obtained from the diet. Protein taken in the diet is used in the form of amino acids. The function of the protein is acting as an antibody i.e. protector. Antibodies act to protect the body when there is an attack of virus or bacteria in the body.

How To Make Protein Powder At Home?

This is a perfect and easy recipe to have in your pantry that not only helps in losing weight but also has a balanced and nutritious diet. It is usually served with boiling full cream milk, but can also be served with a beverage of your choice.

To make protein powder at home, you will need a few things, the complete list of which is as follows.

Almonds120 gm
Peanuts100 gm
Walnuts100 gm
Pistachio100 gm
Soybean100 gm
Pumpkin Seeds100 gm
Sunflower Seeds100 gm
Flax Seeds30 gm
Oats150 gm
Ashwagandha Powder10 gm
Cardamom Powder1/4 spoon
Milk Powder50 gm

Step 1 – First of all, roast the soybean lightly in low flame and keep it aside in a bowl.

Step 2 – After that fry almonds, peanuts, walnuts and pistachios in low flame, this will eliminate the moisture present in them.

Step 3 – Then fry the flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds lightly and keep them aside.

Step 4 – Now finally fry the oats separately in low flame.

Step 5 – After that let them cool down a bit.

Step 6 – Soyabean is the hardest of all these ingredients, so first grind it with the help of a grinder.

Step 7 – After that grind all the seeds and oats as well.

Step 8 – Now grind almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios as well, because natural oil is present in all of them, so grind them very carefully and intermittently in between.

Step 9 – Finally mix all the ingredients and grind them lightly. Your Homemade Protein Powder is ready.

Step 10 – Store this powder in an air tight container and you can use it easily for 10-15 days.

Extras: There are many people who do not like milk powder. If you are also among them then you can use chocolate powder instead of milk. By the way, if you want to add any flavor, then you can also add ingredients related to it. The taste of saffron, or any other flavor, can also be part of it, but it is optional.

Homemade Protein Powder Benefits

The possible health benefits of protein powders are:

Weight management

Eating protein-rich foods and poweders may help people feel fuller for longer so that you do not eat food again and again and less frequent snacking and it helps in maintaining normal weight.

Being overweight increases the chances of getting serious diseases. Overweight can increase blood pressure and cholesterol, which increases the chances of developing heart disease and more serious diseases. Therefore, to maintain the right weight, balance diet, exercise, etc. become necessary.

Added nutrition

Men aged 19 years and above need 46 grams of protein, while women of the same age group need 56 grams of protein daily. People who are not able to get these amounts from the diet, they can be advised by the doctor to take supplements. This happens to most vegetarians. Athletes, weight lifters, the elderly and people with chronic diseases require higher intakes of protein. The use of supplements can prove to be a good option for all these, but it will be fine if you use it on the advice of a doctor.

Muscle growth

Protein is most important for muscle growth. Many athletes and gym goers use protein shakes. According to a 2018 study, protein supplements help in increasing the size and strength of muscles. These are especially beneficial for those who do weight lifting and resistance training exercises. It is effective for both men and women. However, their effect also depends on age. Older people need more protein than youngsters.


Protein powders can provide high-quality protein, they can assist you if you do strength training.

Protein powders come from a variety of sources. People use them to increase muscle mass, speed up recovery from muscle soreness after exercise, Boost metabolism, improve overall body composition and help meet protein needs.


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