Bhramari pranayama

Bhramari pranayama effective as well as instant calming down of the mind. It is considered to be among the best pranayama to release the mind from all the agitation along with frustration or anxiety as well as getting rid of anger.

Bhramari word has its origin from the Sanskrit word Bhramar which means humming bee. In this particular pranayama, the humming sound is created which is why the name Bhramari. The most evident effect of this pranayama is that it relaxes the brain.

If this pranayama is done on a regular basis, one can have a positive effect on his mind by getting rid of stress, fatigue as well as high blood pressure. This practice also helps in ear, nose, mouth as well as eyes related problems.

A scientific study suggests Bharmari pranayama along with Udgeeth Pranayama improves pulmonary function.

Bhramari pranayama is quite useful in curing migraines as well as paralysis.

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People of all ages can easily perform this breathing exercise, even pregnant women. During the pregnancy period, if a woman performs this, it can help her in maintaining as well as regulating the functioning of the endocrine system. It also helps her in trouble-free and easy childbirth.

Bhramari pranayama is generally performed after completion of  Anulom Vloma Pranayama  in order to obtain its fullest potential.

How to do Bhramri Pranayama

  • Sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana, or any sitting posture in which you feel comfortable.
  • Inhale and exhale to make the body comfortable.
  • Close eyes and mouth. rise your both hand palm.
  • make a position of both hand palms that your thumb is closing ears. make sure your ear is close soft not forcefully by using the thumb.
  • Place two fingers on the eyes.
  • block your nose using the finger ( nose should block in this manner that inhales and exhale can be done easily.
  • Now inhale you can use our app 7pranayama to set the timmer of inhaling.
  • Exhale with om sound.
  • Repeat process.

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama

  • It is an instant way to relieve tension as well as anger and anxiety.
  • It is quite an effective breathing technique for all those people who are suffering from hypertension since this technique calms down the agitated mind.
  • It provides relief to a person in case he is feeling hot or have a mild headache.
  • It also improves the concentration and memory of the person.
  • It is effective in building confidence.
  • It makes the mind calm as well as peaceful. It is beneficial in agitation, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.
  • If this pranayama is practiced by a pregnant woman on a regular basis, it could facilitate in easy as well as trouble-free childbirth.
  • This pranayama is quite helpful in paralysis.
  • The humming sound facilitates the concentration of the mind. It has a positive effect on the entire body and mind, especially on the nervous system.
  • It helps in balancing blood sugar.
  • It is quite beneficial for people suffering from Alzheimer.
  • This pranayama is extremely beneficial for heart patients since it helps in maintaining the overall working of the cardiovascular system.
  • The humming vibrations of this pranayama activate the pituitary gland which is among the major glands in the body.
  • It can cure insomnia.

Precautions to take to perform Bhramari Pranayama

  • Make sure that you do not put the finger or thumb in the interior of the ear, just on the cartilage.
  • Don’t press too hard on the cartilage of the ear. Just press the cartilage gently, and then release the finger or thumb.
  • When you make a humming sound, make sure that your mouth is closed.
  • Always perform this pranayama in a seated position and never do it while lying down.
  • In case you have an ear infection, then you shouldn’t perform this pranayama until the infection is gone.
  • People with heart problems shouldn’t hold their breath when they are practicing this pranayama.
  • You should never force the breathing.



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