Sheetali Pranayama, as its name suggests, is related to coldness. It provides coolness to our bodies. Hence it is also called Cooling Breath.

It has been prominently described in ancient and rare Yoga texts like Yoga Kundalyopanishad, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and Gherand Samhita. Many people have benefited from this and are becoming.

Sheetali pranayama or the cooling breath is often done after practicing other asanas as well as pranayamas.

Meaning of Sheetkari or Sitali Pranayama

The word “Sheetali” is actually a Sanskrit word which means cooling. It is being taken from the original word “Sheetal” which means cold or soothing. There are great benefits of this pranayama. Sheetali Pranayama is an integral part of Pranayama. Which enables both performing controlled breathing yoga and calming the mind for meditation. This pranayama should be done after all the yogasanas, by doing this, the body’s tiredness is removed and remains in the body. Apart from this, it also provides peace of mind. This pranayama is like a shady tree which produces plenty of oxygen.

The most basic purpose of the Sheetali breathing technique is that it reduces the temperature of the body which does have a positive effect on the endocrine glands as well as the nervous system.

According to the ancient text of Hath Yoga, the person who practices Cooling Breath becomes both young as well as attractive. It is also said that this pranayama is great in removing excess heat which is accumulated in the system. It also reduces excess biles. And also corrects the disorders of the spleen and works on fever too. Sheetali pranayama also provides control over hunger as well as thirst.

It has quite a soothing effect on the entire nervous system of the human body, especially in the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system which also induces muscular relaxation, and hence it is quite effective in stress management. In case you are stressed than simply practicing 10 minutes of Sheetali breathing can essentially calm your mind. This pranayama is quite effective in the relaxation of both the mind and the body.

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How To Do Sheetali Pranayama

In Sheetkari Pranayama, the tongue becomes like a tube shape, in other words like “straw” which is used to drink cold drinks. For some people it may be difficult to twist the tongue, they can practice the chilling pranayama as an alternative, which gives similar benefits.

Sheetali pranayama steps:

  • Sit any Comfortable  Pose SukashanVajrasna, Padmasana.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Now place your hands on the knees in Gyan mudra or Anjali mudra. And leave your body loose.
  • Then take out the tongue and fold it in such a way that it becomes like the shape of a tube or tube.
  • Then breathe slowly through the mouth through this tube. The air will pass through this tube to cool the mouth, palate, and throat.
  • Fill the stomach with air.
  • Now turn the tongue inward and close the mouth.
  • After this, by bending your neck forward, attach the front part of your jaw to the chest.
  • Hold your breath by closing your mouth and nostril. ( Do hold your breath according to your comfort level)
  • Now straighten the neck from the back and let the air out of the nose.
  • Try to exhale, exceed the time of inhaling.
  • One can practice this pranayama ten times. After the practice of Pranayama, it can be extended in the summer season as per the requirement.

Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama

1. Beneficial in summer: This pranayama is especially important during the summer months when many people feel restless due to the intense heat. It removes the hot air from our body and enters the cold air from it, due to which heat is released from our body and the whole body becomes cold.

2. lowering systolic blood pressure: the study has shown that Sheetali Pranayama reduces blood pressure in people with Hypertension. If you have a B.P, then you should not practice this Pranayama because it reduces the increased B.P.

3. Reduce spasticity:  Sheetali pranayama benefits can reduce mental and emotional excitement and spasticity of mind. And at the same time, the flow of life in the body is regular.

4. Cure eye problems: By practicing this pranayama regularly, you can get rid of your eye problem soon. Can get rid of glasses soon.

5. In psychosomatic disease: Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama are very beneficial for people suffering from a psychosomatic disease. One can get relief from this disease by practicing it.

6. Sheetali Pranayama For Skin: This pranayama is like the breathing of a serpent. The practitioner is believed to have the ability to change his skin by practicing this pranayama. This pranayama also increases patience capacity in the absence of air, water, and food.

Know More Sheetali Pranayama Benefits

  • This pranayama relaxes both the mind and the body.
  • As per hath Yoga, it can cure fever as well as disorders of the bile.
  • It helps in the control and removal of hunger and thirst.
  • This practice is quite useful in pitta-related diseases.
  • It is also effective in hyperactivity.
  • This practice of Pranayama helps in keeping the digestive system fine. If our digestion is good, then all stomach-related diseases can be got rid of.
  • If you are suffering from depression, then you should practice this pranayama. It acts as a panacea in reducing depression.
  • It is quite beneficial in diseases of the spleen.
  • This pranayama conquers hunger, thirst, fever, and tuberculosis.
  • It can be used as a pacifier before sleeping.
  • According to yoga science, the regular practice of this pranayama for a long time has no effect of poison or snake bite on the person.
  • It helps in fighting against the problem of insomnia.
  • Irritability, anger in the talk, tension, and warm nature are especially beneficial for individuals.
  • Regulates the secretion of hormones in the genitals. And reduces the mental and emotional effects of lust.
  • Complaints of excessive sweating also provide relief.
  • This pranayama is like a shady tree that produces plenty of oxygen.

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Precaution Sheetali Pranayama

  1. In case you have low blood pressure then this pranayama can essentially bring down it even further. So you have to be quite careful about it.
  2. You may also feel a little bit of cold or tingling sensation in your throat due to the cold air, but this is normal.
  3. In case you feel dizzy then you should stop the practice of this pranayama and start normal breathing.
  4. In the case of those who suffer from Asthma, cold, cough, or other respiratory-related problem, they shouldn’t try this pranayama.
  5. One should avoid doing this pranayama during extremely cold days.

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