When it comes to Pranayama, it has numerous health benefits. It not only calms the mind but also has impressive positive effects on the body. It rejuvenates the organs, nervous system and other systems of the body. Among the most prominent ones is the Sheetali Pranayama. Let’s get into details of it.

The word “Sheetali” is actually a Sanskrit word which means cooling. It is being taken from the original word “Sheetal” which means cold or soothing. There are great benefits of this pranayama. The practice of Sheetali calms down the mind and also assists in fight-or-flight response of the human body. It is also beneficial in reducing the stress. It cools down the body as well as the mind. It also assists in bringing down the blood pressure and hence it is good for people suffering from heart diseases. This pranayama is quite effective in hyperacidity and even ulcers that form in the stomach.

The most basic purpose of Sheetali breathing technique is that it reduces the temperature of the body which does have a positive effect on the endocrine glands as well as the nervous system.

According to the ancient text of Hath Yoga, the person who practices this pranayama becomes both young as well as attractive. It is also said that this pranayama is great in removing excess heat which is accumulated in the system. It also reduces excess biles. It also corrects the disorders of the spleen and works on fever too. Sheetali pranayama also provides control over hunger as well as thirst.

It has quite a soothing effect on the entire nervous system of the human body, especially in stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system which also induces muscular relaxation and hence it is quite effective in the stress management. In case you are stressed then by simply practicing 10 minutes of Sheetali breathing can essentially calm your mind. This pranayama is quite effective in relaxation of both the mind and the body.

Sheetali pranayama or the cooling breath is often done after practicing other asanas as well as pranayamas.

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How To Do Sheetali Pranayama

  • Sit any Comfortable  Pose SukashanVajrasna, Padmasana.
  • Roll out your tongue from the sides so this makes like the tube.
  • Inhale  air from tongue tube  explained in steps 2 ( in starting to inhale such that 3-4 counts)
  • Hold your breath by closing your mouth and nostril. ( Do hold your breath according to your comfort level)
  •  Exhale from the nostril.

Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama

  • The act of pulling the air via the tongue creates a cooling effect on the body.
  • This pranayama relaxes both the mind and the body.
  • As per hath Yoga, it can cure fever as well as disorders of the bile.
  • It helps in the control and removal of hunger and thirst.
  • It is quite beneficial in diseases of the spleen.
  • It is also helpful in controlling blood pressure.
  • It is quite useful in pitta related diseases.
  • It helps in fighting against the problem of insomnia.
  • It is also effective in hyperactivity.
  • It reduces the effect of poison or snake bite.

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Precaution Sheetali

  1. In case you have low blood pressure then this pranayama can essentially bring down it even further. So you have to be quite careful about it.
  2. You may also feel a little bit of cold or tingling sensation in your throat due to the cold air, but this is normal.
  3. In case you feel dizzy then you should stop the practice of this pranayama and start the normal breathing.
  4. the case of those who suffer from Asthma, cold, cough or other respiratory-related problem, they shouldn’t try this pranayama.
  5. One should avoid doing this pranayama during the extremely cold days.

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