One of the most common bone problems is osteoporosis. The disease literally means ‘porous bone’, osteoporosis is a chronic condition in which the quality of your bones mineral density (BMD) is reduced, and the risk of bone fractures increases.

It literally means Porous Bones, in which bones slowly start to weaken. Apart from calcium, phosphorus, and protein, our bones consist of many other minerals. Along with irregular lifestyles and increasing age, these minerals begin to collapse, which reduces bone density and uhhealthy bones. Many times unhealthy bones lead to conditions like so weak that even a normal injury causes fracture.

Osteoporosis can be prevented with lifestyle changes and sometimes medications. People can include calcium, vitamin D in their medicines following the doctor’s advice. But the best way to avoid this disease is yoga. You can make yourself fit without any medicine through exercise routines, including yoga.

What the study found: Yoga And Osteoporosis

For osteoporosis or osteopenia patients, the practice of yoga, in particular, can have a protective effect. “However,” the authors note, practicing yoga indiscriminately can put oneself at risk.

A recent small study in 2009 found that Yoga for osteoporosis can be an effective treatment. practicing yoga can actually increase bone health, improve coordination, improves balance and flexibility, greater range of motion, prevent falls and bony fractures if done consistently and properly.

Researchers who designed the study noted that yoga is a less dangerous alternative to medications to prevent osteoporosis-related fractures.

How Does Yoga Help With Osteoporosis?

Yoga is a type of strength training that helps in preparing the body properly to balance and strengthen the body. When the body becomes sufficiently strong and you are successful in balancing, you are able to reduce the chance of injury on your own.

Standing in the problem of osteoporosis, yoga poses make the hips stronger, which at times proves to be very beneficial in osteoporosis. Whereas the mid backbends that strengthen the waist make the spine strong and help reduce tension from the ribs.

Apart from this, yoga also helps in improving blood circulation in the body, improving blood circulation means absorption of nutrients in the body is more.

5 Effective Yoga Poses for Osteoporosis

However, the good news is that bone density can be improved through yogic actions such as asana. In your regular fitness session, practice meditation and pranayama with the following yoga poses.

Tree pose – VriksasanaThe benefits of yoga for osteoporosis include such poses that address all major bones.

Vriksasana is a very amazing posture because it works on your arms, spine, back, core, and legs simultaneously. It makes the muscles strong as well as bones. This asana also helps in improving balance in the body.


How to do tree pose

  • Start standing upright on a yoga mat.
  • Keep the hands to the thighs.
  • Now fold the right knee and place it on the left thigh.
  • Keep the left foot firmly grounded during this time.
  • Keep the left leg very straight and normalize the speed of breath.
  • After this, raise both hands upwards.
  • Make a ‘Namaskar’ pose by moving both hands up.
  • Keep an eye on something kept away.
  • Keep the spine straight. The body will remain strong as well as flexible. Keep deep breaths inward.
  • Leave the body loose while exhaling.
  • Slowly bring the hands down.
  • Now apply the right leg also on the ground.
  • Stand as if you were standing before the asana.
  • Repeat the same process now with the left leg as well.

Know More About Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) benefits and Precautions

Triangle pose – Trikonasana

Trikonasana makes the lumbar spine of the body flexible. Strengthens and stretches the surface muscles, core, and leg muscles, and their health improves.

How to do Mountain pose ( Tadasana)

How to do triangle pose

  • First of all, stand by laying yoga mats in the open space.
  • Now make a distance of two feet between your legs.
  • Stretch your arms with your arms up to the height of your shoulders.
  • Now while breathing in, lift the right hand up and close it with the ear.
  • Bend your right leg to 90 degrees.
  • Now pull your left leg slightly inward and make a 45-degree angle.
  • Make sure your heels are parallel to each other.
  • Then move the right hand upwards, touch it with the left-hand palm on the left foot or on the floor.
  • Fold your neck and head up, keep an eye towards the sky or the ceiling.
  • Now come back to the previous position and do this process on the other leg.

To Know More About Trikonasana And What Are Its Benefits?

Plank Pose – Kumbhakasana 

Strengthens the arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, and wrists. Prevents back pain. Helps to build stomach strength.
Improves balance and keeps your spine aligned and healthy.

How to do Plank Pose

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Now bring your hands to the sides of your chest and place your body weight on your forearms.
  • Gradually, start elevating your entire body on the strength of your forearm.
  • Keep in mind that your back should be straight and your toes will be perpendicular to the floor.

To Know More About Plank Pose steps and benefits

Locust pose — Salabhasana

This asana enhances the strength and flexibility of the back. Improves the strength of hands and shoulders. Relaxes and strengthens nerves of neck and shoulders.

How to do Salabhasana

  • First of all lie down on the yoga mat on the stomach.
  • Keep both your hands parallel to the body and press the palms under the thighs.
  • After this, join your ankles together.
  • Taking a deep breath, try to raise both your legs upwards.
  • Both your feet and head should be lifted from the ground.
  • Stay in this state for a while.

To Know More About Salabhasana steps and benefits

Bridge Pose – Setu Bandhasana

Bridge Pose helps to make strong bone healthy and  strengthens the chest, core, and leg muscles. 

How to do Bridge Pose

  • Bend on your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • Your feet should be slightly apart from each other and should be on your side.
  • Press the feet on the floor, breathe in and get up by gently raising your hips off the floor.
  • Press your arms and shoulders to the ground to lift your chest.
  • Use your legs and butt muscles to lift your hips high.
  • Breathe 4 to 8 times and stay in the same position and then return to normal.

To Know More About Setu Bandhasana and its Benefits


Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen muscles and bones. Before starting yoga at home, listen to your body and choose yoga poses that are excellent for you.


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