Kali Mudra

Kali Mudra (Gesture of transformation) is a mudra for the hands – it is practiced as part of meditation or pranayama – when you practice this mudra, you encourage positivity in the body by removing blockages in the Sushumna Nadi (channels).

In Sanskrit, Kali means “the one who is black” or “the one who is death” and mudra means “the gesture.” The root word for Kali is Kala which means “black” or “time.” Black energy is a representation of Shakti which is also feminine power. This exercise is a Samyukta which means “double” hand pose, where both hands are required to perform this gesture.

When you meditate with your hands in this position, you welcome the power to drive away evil, harmful, or energy-sucking forces from life. Practicing Kali mudra in restorative yoga sequences or therapy yoga sequences is an opportunity for learning, personal growth, and transformation.

Follow The Steps For Kali Mudra

  • First of all, sit on the mat or your bed in a comfortable position. Let us tell you that it is very important for you to sit comfortably to do this mudra.
  • Now spread both your hands in front of the chest near the heart chakra and interlock the middle, ring finger and little fingers. Do this mudra by joining both the index fingers together and pointing upwards.
  • It is worth noting that the left thumb should be crossed on the right.
  • While in this position, take slow and deep breaths and feel your breath. You can start with one minute and increase the time as you practice.
  • Do this mudra three to five times daily. You can do this mudra at any time of the day.

It is not necessary to practice all the mudras regularly. It is important to really understand the purpose behind all the mudras. Proper guidance from a yoga guru is necessary to perform any mudra.

Benefits of Kali Mudra

There are physical, mental, and intellectual benefits to doing mudras. Dhyana mudra (meditation) or kali mudra with any other yoga gesture provides the following benefits.

  • Regular practice of Kali mudra creates energy flow in the body and diseases of negative flow are removed. Along with this, the energy in the upper chakras is activated by its practice.
  • Kali mudra, if practiced for more than 10 minutes, encourages sweating which helps in detoxifying the body, thereby flushing out negative energy.
  • The meaning of prana in the body helps to create “life force energy”. Removes negativity, anxiety, depression as well as insomnia.
  • Along with Kali Maa Meditation or Kali Maa Mantra, it strengthens the feminine energy within us.
  • Along with the purifying effect, the practice of Kali mudra aids in digestion. It sheds positive signals in the mental state of the body and mind.


Kali mudra should always be done on an empty stomach. Therefore it is more effective to do it in the morning. However, you can do this in the evening as well, but keep in mind that before doing this, do not eat anything for two hours.

While doing this mudra, your attention should not wander here and there. This mudra can also prove beneficial in increasing your concentration. While doing this, keep full attention on your posture or the movement of your breath.

If you want to get maximum benefits from Kali mudra, then you should do this mudra daily.

The body gets warm while doing Kali mudra. In such a situation, it is advisable to do this mudra in an open place in summer.


The most important aspect of the practice of Kali Mudra is that it encourages positivity in the body by removing blockages in the Sushumna Nadi (channel), thus developing a positive attitude, and increasing self-confidence.


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