Yoga at Home

By practicing yoga at home can certainly help you in staying healthy, more productive as well as a calm, and happy entire day. Besides, it won’t just affect you but also your family members as they will feel positive energy and happiness coming from you. Also, you get the chance to practice these great poses and exercises right in the comfort zone, which is at your home at any time that you wish.

After learning beginner yoga poses you can start practicing yoga at your home. There are few reasons which explain why you should do the home practice of yoga.

The major reasons are the benefits of establishing a regular home yoga practice that will motivate you.

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How To Do Yoga at Home?

  1. The first is Self-Knowledge. Practicing yoga all by yourself allows you to self-regulate as well as self-soothe. It is always better to drive your own car rather than a driver doing it for you. You feel a greater sense of responsibility to pay attention as well as choosing where to go and also respond to the events that happen as you travel along. It allows you to establish a great sense of self-awareness as you go on practicing for your own benefit.
  2. The other major benefit is Self-help. The more you practice yoga, the better you become in assessing your feelings. So when you come to the floor mat, you can choose any of the yogic practice that counterbalances whatever that is going on- mentally, emotionally and physically and helps you in getting better mind and body.
  3. Another major benefit is Self-indulgence. It is important to feel control over yourself. Doing yoga all by yourself provides the feeling of being self-indulgent. You are in control of pace, intensity, tone as well as pose or exercise you want to do.
  4. The most important Yoga benefits provides is exponential growth. Doing yoga at home on a consistent basis provides the benefits which double over and over again. You get the best benefits more than the last time without spending any money. You should set aside the fear that you won’t be doing it right by knowing the right guidelines and get on doing yoga at home.

9 precious tips that will help you in practicing yoga at home

  1. To start with, you need to choose the most convenient time. Practicing yoga in the morning is often regarded as the best since it keeps the energy level of your body along with mental alertness high during the day. In case you can’t make it happen in the morning, then that doesn’t mean that you skip your practice. It is better to choose another time slot which seems much more convenient to you. It could be anything, from late mornings, evenings, before lunch etc. Yoga at these different times will refresh your mind and also release the stress that your body and mind have collected during the day.
  2. Once you have chosen the right time, it is important to choose a comfortable place. It is best to have your own space, a small, private room where you can do your daily yoga practice. Over time, these practices will sort of creating positive vibrations in that room which provides healing, comfort as well as strength to you and also to others, at your home. However, if you can’t find such a place, then choose a quiet space in your home which is sufficiently large enough for you to roll out your mat and where you can do your yoga freely and won’t get disturbed during that time. All you need to make is that place where you to yoga should be clean, ventilated, and away from sharp objects or furniture.
  3. Another important tip is that you do yoga on a relatively empty stomach. Yoga postures are considered best practiced on an empty or light stomach. You can also practice yoga and meditate about 2-3 hours after you have taken your meal.
  4. A major aspect of doing Yoga with comfort is wearing simple clothing. It is better to choose loose, comfortable clothes instead of tight body-hugging outfits which may make it uncomfortable to do wide stretches. Also, it is better to keep aside any jewelry that you are wearing, and it is better to avoid heavy makeup.
  5. Before doing intense yoga postures, it is essential to warm up. It is an absolute must otherwise you might be at risk of spraining or straining your muscles. You should start by simply warming up your body and move to do few body stretches in order to bring flexibility before moving forward to do more intense yoga postures.
  6. Make sure you remain gentle while doing yoga as it is your own body. Respect it and start by simply doing easy yoga poses. If you do it increasingly fast or beyond the extent your body can, won’t bring better results faster. It will make the practice more difficult as well as painful.
  7. Another thing that you should keep in mind that you remain consistent. It is important to do yoga practice on a regular basis and make it an essential part of your daily routine or schedule. As mentioned above, choose a time slot when you can do it comfortably. It is easier to do yoga if you make it a habit. Regular yoga practice on a daily basis provides better results than doing it occasionally.
  8. You can also make yoga time as a fun time for family. Doing yoga alone can become boring or even make you lazy. You can try doing it with your family or friends, and you will certainly see the difference. Doing yoga at home will certainly be a get-together time for your family which is difficult in this fast pace life.
  9. The last tips are that you include a wide range of yoga techniques. Practicing different yoga poses as well as pranayama is always beneficial. You can fix certain practices to be done on a daily basis while doing a completely different set of yogic exercises on weekends. It is better to put in some variety in doing yoga.


Doing yoga at home can help you reap great results. You should be aware of the benefits that it provides to you both mentally and physically and remember these essential tips to make sure that you enjoy the yoga and get the best out of it.


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