Amla is a very common home remedy. It is the best source of Vitamin C. It is found on a big and large fruit tree whose knows ‘Amakli’ in Sanskrit. The scientific name of its Phyllanthus Emblica and also knows as Indian gooseberry. The benefits of Amla to create Ayurveda medicine to cure many problems such as week eyesight, sugar regulation prevents stomach ache and helps to cure hair fall problems.

The shape of Indian gooseberry is round in the starting stage of growing this look a greenish-yellow when it ripe.

It is the source of Iron, Fibre, Proteins, and Carbohydrates minerals, and nutrition. So this is most beneficial for sense organs and can help in many types of diseases.

Top 15 health Benefits of Amla

  • The blood sugar regulation – Benefits Of Amla is that it balances high blood sugar levels. it is known as an ayurvedic remedy that can help keep blood sugar regulation, it also contains chromium which regulates carbohydrates. which makes it great for blood sugar regulation. Eating raw amla twice a day most beneficial to sugar regulation.
  • Increase metabolic – It contains alkaline nature and it increases metabolic rates. It helps in the improve unbalanced digestion systems by negative habits of junk and fast food.
  • A sore throat – It is a common feeling those make our throat dry, pain; swelling, and redness. amla content anti-inflammatory help in reducing arthritis-related pain. A paste of amla powder, with honey and turmeric, gives an effective home remedy to cure a sore throat.
  • Blood cooler – It acts as a blood purifier by removing bad toxins from the blood. It is used to cool the heat of blood. when you have symptoms of an infection in the blood, intake of amla juice can be beneficial.
  • Prevents Cancer Research suggests that Indian Gooseberries have anticancer properties. Well, in this antioxidant mass is found in excessive amounts. It is using as a natural remedy for the fight against cancer cells.
  • Hair fall – A massage of amla oil is the best remedy for a dry, flaky and itchy scalp. You can also use amla powder with henna for stimulates hair. For silky, long, and beautiful hair you should wash the hair through amla boiled water.
  • Detoxification – It is a rich source of antioxidant contents, removes toxins from the body. Eating amla on an empty stomach works best natural remedy for Detoxification. amla use in
    Triphala is the best remedy in Ayurveda for many problems.
  • Digestion – Indian Gooseberry improve Agni (fire) the 3rd element of the 5 elements of
    Ayurveda principals and improve digestion systems.
  • Weak eyesight – Due to a mobile, computer every human facing eyesight problems. Eating amla can be beneficial for the improve eyesight due to the source of vitamin C.
  • Beauty – Indian Gooseberry purifies the blood, fights with dead cells. which helps to get beauty. you can eat raw, dried. , pickled, murabba, chatni. you can also apply Indian Gooseberry powder on your face and rinse after few minutes.
  • Bone-strengthening benefits of amla for strengthening bones due to containing calcium.
  • Reduce pigmentation- amala juice can help reduce pigmentations.
  • Prevents JAUNDICE – Indian gooseberry juice help to clean toxin from the liver which is the help to prevent jaundice. Drinking daily one glass of Indian gooseberry juice surely helps in jaundice.
  • Reduce constipation – it is also a benefit of Indian Gooseberry for constipation, it is a rich source of fiber.
  • Weight loss – drinking its juice can be beneficial because it reduces fat.
  • Increase Hemoglobin –   Amla with honey is beneficial to increase hemoglobin level.

How to Use Indian Gooseberry

  1. Amla murabba – Mind it that ripe amla is the best for making murabba. because the row is bitter in taste. Well, its intake recommends with caution it generates acid. only taking 1- 2 pieces of amla murabba every day, reduce constipation, the digestive system does work well, strong immune system and disorder the organ inflammation.
  2. Indian Gooseberry juice- A Very simple way to uses it makes juice. lowers the risk of cholesterol level when daily consumption of its juice


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