Pranayama breathing technique invented by Indian monk from ancient time. Pranayama is 4 limb of yoga and practice by ancient time to regulating life force. Pranayama made from prana (life force) +Yama (control)  that would mean “breath-control” or the “breath-restrain”, or it can also be understood as “pran-ayama” that would translate to “freedom of breath”, or “breath liberation”.Prana is the conscious energy that essentially means that the Nadis of our body also transmit consciousness
there are 72,000 Nadis. These Nadis are channels or pathways of prana in the system. These 72,000 Nadis don’t have any type of physical manifestation. In a sense, if you cut the body of a human being, you won’t find any of it. But when you become more aware of the body, you will certainly notice that the energy in the body isn’t moving at random. It is moving in underlying and established pathways. There are 72,000 various ways in which the prana or energy moves in the body.

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