Couple meditation

One might consider trying a couple’s meditation in our routine to seek a stronger alliance relationship. If married, both individuals have to be part of such meditation practices.

Couples meditating to strengthen their relationship will help deepen more minds with a partner, increase couple engagement, reduce stress as a couple, create accountability, sweet relationships, and stay busy. In fact, this meditation techniques is extremely diverse and a great way to increase your attraction to your partner, physically, emotionally or mentally.

Couple Meditation for Lovers Makes

Similar to Couples Therapy, couple meditation will create more spiritual relationships. Spiritual love is true love, it means a deep connection between two souls. This is the reason why husband and wife are called spouses. Meditation is a very powerful way to increase spiritual love. You can also meditate peacefully or by doing bhajan-kirtan together.

As a couple, by doing yoga and pranayama before meditation, the relationship between you and your spouse will begin to become intimate. This makes your attention deeper.

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Set aside all the stress, criticisms and anger of the work for a few minutes and strengthen the spiritual love with the spouse by adopting these easy remedies.

There are many types of meditation techniques but here we explain the most common meditation techniques that couples use to become happier and improve relationships.

Synchronized Breathing

  • For this meditation, let’s sit face to face.
  • Don’t touch each other
  • Try to gaze at each other, especially with the left eye.
  • Try to synchronize your breath.
  • To see if there is no movement of any external thoughts in the mind, start watching the breath.

Melting Hugging

The true meaning of a hug is not a way of expressing love, but a way of connecting with the mind and body in a tantric way.

  • Stay focused on your feet with your partner
  • Connect the front of the body to each other.
  • Focus on your breath with your partner.
  • Get a long breath experience.
  • Make your body soft and open.
  • Hug your partner with your love.

Enjoy Sexual Connectedness

Couples for this meditation enjoy passionate moments to get to know their body better. Feel the livelihood with your mind and soul, not just physically.

  • Take the time to connect with your sexual energy.
  • Feel all your awareness through sex.

Sitting in Shiva/Shakti position

  • Sit in the position of Shiva / Shakti and listen to each other’s breaths.
  • Feel your partner.
  • Relax with each other’s silence and learn to enjoy.

Say Thank You

Be sure to appreciate each other before separating in the final stages of couple meditation. Finish the practice by saying thank you. Thankful to have this thanks in life and you will be overwhelmed with gratitude.

Couple Meditation Benefits

  • The practice of meditation keeps mutual relations good.
  • A simple practice can help the partner understand.
  • It brings a balance within the person which avoids any kind of achievement, ego, and feeling of isolation.
  • Couple meditation for a few days can eliminate any negative energy around your relationship.
  • As the level of comfort increases with practice, the couple finds themselves meditating together.
  • Meditation techniques are so effective that the changes that result from them have far-reaching effects.
  • The joy that arises within is easily reflected in your workplace, in your personal life.
  • When couples meditate together, the feeling of energy, peace, and unity around them is strong and there is less conflict.
  • These simple meditations open you up to a feeling of deep love and deepen intimacy.
  • Little effort of couple meditation can lead to a feeling of bliss.


For a good start, meditation is excellent for the couple. Couple Meditation has given direction to move forward leaving small things behind. Being happy with a spouse is possible only through meditation.

Daily couple meditations can reduce conflict, strengthen relationships, build physical intimacy, and experience spiritual healing and freedom.


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