Many resting postures are present in yoga which can give deep rest to the body as well as give you health as well as beauty. The benefits of yoga are countless. It is helpful in curing diseases ranging from minor headache to diabetes, blood pressure etc. At the same time, it keeps the body healthy and also helps in keeping diseases away. Jyestikasana is one of these.

Jyestikasana is a deeply resting and restorative asana, suitable for people of all age groups and yogis of all levels of experience. Additionally, It is a beginner level yogasana that is performed in prone position (For the prone position, your stomach will be flat and in touch with the ground.).

The word Jyestikasana comes from the Sanskrit root where the word  ‘Jyest’ meaning elder or superior and ‘Asana’ means posture, hence, a relaxation pose for the elders as well.

With this yoga posture, you can get rid of many problems. Its regular practice makes your spine stronger. By doing it reduces stress and increases alertness through it. There is a best exercise that can give deep relief to the body.

According to the experts, this asana is considered best when yogi practiced early in the morning. Mornings are preferred as the food is digested as well as the body has the energy to perform the asana. Due to some reason, you cannot practice it in the morning, you can practice this asana in the evening as well. But at least keep a 3-5 hour gap between your practice and meal.

Superior Pose is an excellent asana relatively easy to perform and can be done by all, from child to young. This asana must be practiced with the other yoga asanas. Let us look at how to do Superior pose as well as different steps to change it up.

How To Do Jyestikasana (Superior Pose)

  • To come in Jyestikasana (Superior Pose), First of all, you need to lie down in prone position on a yoga mat. lie flat on the abdomen keeping the legs straight.
  • Make sure your forehead rests on the ground.
  • Now tuck the fingers of hands in each other and close them on the back of the head.
  • Keep in mind that breathing should be normal in this state.
  • After this, Just like Shavasana relax your body and concentrate on your breathing. 
  • Stay in the position as long as you feel relaxed.

Benefits of Jyestikasana (Superior Pose)

  • This asana stimulating the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra that is located above the navel. It is associats with digestive health.
  • Jyestikasana activates the Anjana Chakra or third-eye chakra. It  is  located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. it corespondant with the pineal gland and governs the memory as well as vision.
  • There is a relaxing yoga asana for both body and mind that allows the mind to settle.
  • It is a also good posture for all spinal problems, especially cervical spondylitis and stiff neck or upper back.


  • If there is any serious disease in the legs or thighs, then do this asana only after consulting a yoga expert.
  • Keep in mind, this asana should not be done if there is a hernia.



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