Benefits Of Pears

Pears are sweet, somewhat sour, and bell-shaped seasonal fruits. Everyone is familiar with pears, but they do not get enough attention due to a lack of information about the nutrients and benefits of pears.

Pears are the major dietary source of the antioxidant polyphenol, which has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss, promote gut health, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

You may know it as a simple fruit, but backed by science, it has so many medicinal properties that provide many health benefits.

Pears Nutrition Facts

Before knowing the benefits of eating pears, we are giving a little information about the types of pears. Although pears come in many different varieties, among the most popular are- Green Anjou, Red Anjou, Green Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Bosc, Forelle, and Comice.

A systematic review of pear consumption and health outcomes per 100 g.

Pears are best combined with all fresh fruits or similar to apples, as they are most similar in composition. Like most fruit, pears, are high in dietary fiber, fructose, water, and sugar. (study)

  • Calories: 101
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Carbs: 27 grams
  • Fiber: 6 g per serving
  • Vitamin C: 12% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Vitamin K: 6% of DV
  • Copper: 16% of DV
  • Potassium: 4% of the DV

The organic nutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in pears are essential for our better health. It contains many nutrients like potassium, phenolic compound, folate, fiber, copper, manganese, vitamin-C, vitamin-K, provitamin A complex, antioxidants, phytonutrients, flavonoids, along with some effective and active components.

What’s more, pears contain antioxidants and provide 27 to 41 milligrams of phenolics per 100 grams. It protects against oxidative damage. Eat pears whole and with the peel, Pears peel is richer in procyanidins with a very high degree of polymerization. (study)

Health Benefits Of Pears

The benefits of consuming high fruit and vegetable intake are impressive and more effective, and Pears are no different. It is also linked to weight loss, healthy skin, and hair. But health benefits can vary between types.

Promote gut health

Pears are an excellent source of insoluble and soluble fiber including prebiotics that help maintain bowel regularity.

In particular, fiber itself is indigestible, but basically makes a vital contribution to the smooth functioning of the digestive system. It has been known from research that they have many mechanical and other features, such as they retain water in the body, due to which there is no loss of water in the stool and keep away from the condition of constipation. In terms of contributing to health, both types of fiber are associated in their own ways with aging and improved immunity. (study)

As a result, One medium-sized pear packs of 6 grams of fiber contributes to direct bowel movements, easier defecation and promotes overall digestive health.

Improved heart health 

Pears can help lower your risk of high blood pressure (a cause of heart disease) and heart attack.

Pears are rich in powerful antioxidants such as procyanidin and quercetin which help in lowering cholesterol. Pear peels contain an important antioxidant called quercetin that lowers cholesterol, so it is recommended to eat them with pear peels. (study)

It has been found in many studies that if we consume the proper amount of fiber in the food then it reduces the extra cholesterol from our body.

Furthermore, pears are high in potassium which is one of the most important minerals required for the proper functioning of the heart and other vital organs of the body. Potassium-rich fruits are very helpful in keeping the heartbeat normal.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Pears are a rich source of flavonoids and antioxidant components, which may help reduce inflammation, pain, and protect against metabolic diseases. Flavonoids benefit health in many ways or it also reduces inflammation.

In addition, pears are a treasure trove of many vitamins and minerals that help reduce the swelling and pain associated with inflammation. (study)

Pear also helps in the reduction of symptoms of arthritis, joint conditions, and similar conditions. Consuming a certain amount of pears helps you to combat these problems.

Rich in anti-oxidants

Pears are rich in Vitamin C which is essential to fight against various diseases. The anti-oxidants present in pears work to eliminate free radicals that accumulate in the body as an effect of cellular metabolism. These free radicals alter the healthy cell DNA of cancer cells and lead to many other serious conditions. (study)

Boost immunity

As mention above, pears also contain the benefits of vitamin C. Pears are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which help in stimulating the production of white blood cells. They also boost the immune system, making them helpful in warding off the common cold & cough, flu, and other mild ailments.

Improve bone health 

Pears have a high mineral content which contains magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, calcium, and copper. These minerals help reduce bone loss and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

Apart from this, this fruit fights weak bones and treats debilitating conditions. Include pears with peel in your daily diet to take full advantage.

Pears Benefits For Weight Loss

Pear can also play an important role in the weight loss journey.

In a scientific study, overweight women were given three pears daily for 12 weeks. As a result, their weight loss was recorded. The women also saw an improvement in their lipid profile. (study)

A pear contains few calories, it is high in fiber. When you are thinking of losing weight, eat a pear when you are hungry, which will quench your appetite and control your weight. Along with having a healthy weight, it also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Pears Benefits For Skin

Consumption of pear protects the skin from damage. Pears contain a good amount of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can play an important role in making your skin soft, Whitening, and glowing.

It contains antioxidants like vitamin C, antioxidant compounds like flavonoids. These elements control free radicals and protect the body from oxidative. Apart from this, other elements such as copper, vitamin K are also found in it, which are helpful in keeping the skin healthy.


Pears are fibrous, juicy, mildly sweet fruits. They are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber and pack beneficial plant compounds. From keeping your heart healthy to fighting inflammation, promoting gut and heart health, and improving digestive and weight loss, pears have many benefits. However, the benefits of pears may vary between types or depending on the variety.


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