Pranic healing meditation

Pranic Healing, as the name itself makes it clear, is a type of meditation that is done to increase vitality. It is a scientific discipline based on life energy. The disease is detected by looking at the vital body and the chakras located in it. Many types of diseases are treated with this energy. Therefore, Pranic Healing Meditation is a kind of medical therapy with the help of which many complex diseases are treated without using any medicine. Under Pranic Healing, treatment of physical, mental, emotional diseases and in addition to beauty-related diseases is possible.

The Concept of Pranic healing meditation

Pranic Healing, founded by Grand Master Chok Sui, is an extremely powerful science, a spiritual practitioner has to practice meditation and some yoga exercises regularly to bring himself to a level of consciousness before using it.

Master Choa Kok Sui, who gave the scientific basis to the common beliefs, was a Philippines citizen of Chinese descent, and a chemical engineer. Today this genre is famous all over the world. He told that just as there are veins in our body and blood flows in it, in the same way, energy flows into the body, there is the chakra to take life force. There are seven chakras in our bodies. By the smooth flow of life force, we can drive away the diseases coming into the physical body.

It is not any magic, blind faith, or hypnotic art. It is not any paranormal science but is based on the laws of nature that we are unaware of. Pranic Healing is a scientific discipline based on life energy. The disease is detected by looking at the vital body and the chakras located in it. This is tested before treatment. Many types of diseases are treated with this energy. Many medical systems like reiki, acupressure, tactile therapy, mental treatment, faith treatment, acupuncture, magnet therapy, etc. are based on life energy.

Pranic Healing -4 Different Levels

There are many different forms of Pranic Healing treatment like-

Basic Pranic healing system

In this type of Pranic healing system, the patient is treated by sitting right in front of him by the pranic healer.

Advanced Pranic healing system

This means of healing with pranic healing proves to be more effective for those who are forced to use the “color pranas” properly.

Self Pranic healing system

One of the important benefits of Pranic Healing is that it is important to note that not only can you train yourself but also keep yourself healthy. This Pranic healing is known as Pranic Psychotherapy.

Crystal Pranic healing system

Many times in Pranic Healing, also uses crystals for healing. Before and after therapy, crystals are used to reduce the mental trauma of the patient.

Crystals are placed on different chakras of the person to remove mental peace and tension.

How To Do Pranic Healing Meditation

First of all, sit at a comfortable place according to your convenience. Keep in mind that for some reason you have no disturbance, wear loose convenient clothes.

  • During this entire meditation, we have to pay attention to our breath.
  • Take a deep breath and release it slowly.
  • Repeat this for some time, a deep breath, and release it slowly.
  • You are feeling completely lightheaded, feeling happy, place your hands on your knees and place your palm towards the sky, chant Om three times in your mind and take a deep breath.
  • Now we will remove the negative energy of our body. We will pronounce Om. Raise both your hands in the Gyan Mudra and imagine that all the negative energy of our body is being overcome by the sound of Om.
  • Whenever you exhale deep, whatever negative energy this body has, it exits through the breath.
  • Repeat in your mind- “I am a soul, which gives life to this body, I am not a body, I am not even thinking, I am not even a mind, I am a pure soul.
  • Move your attention to your head, move the crown chakra.
  • After this, Pay attention to your heart chakra i.e. your heart, and give it a blessing, visualize that the light of pink color is coming out through your hands and reaching the earth-mother.
  • As the divine energy of love is reaching Mother Earth, you are feeling heartfelt, with a wonderful attractive smile on your face. Feel happy Realize divine love.
  • While pulling the breath upwards which is the energy of love, bring the pink light to the center of your crown chakra. Let it be there. Pay attention to your breath. Notice the crown wheel on your head.
  • Imagine a star on the crown wheel above your head that is shining like the sun. Focus your meditation on him.
  • Will pronounce Om and will pay attention to the gap between the pronunciation of Om. Relax. Try to listen carefully to every voice around you. Try to listen deeply.
  • Noe meditation to your Muladhara Chakra, below the spine, imagine Divya Prakash going down from the soles of your feet to Mother Earth. Release whatever extra energy is from the spinal cord.
  • You have gathered a lot of energy, release all the extra energy in Mother Earth. Divine energy is going everywhere to all people – trees, animals, birds, animals, animals, air, water, sky, fire.
  • Now put both your hands on your eyes and slowly open your eyes.


Meditation is an integral part of Pranic healing. This activity is very beneficial for being mentally and physically healthy and for increasing energy power. Along with making the mind and body energetic, meditation gives strength to cope with everyday problems in life. It is a divine process, which leads to physical and mental healing.


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