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Jaggery is the king not only of taste but also for health. It is the favorite thing of every sweet lover. It is made from refined sugar. Health benefits of Jaggery are not less, it is not only better than white sugar – which not only adds empty calories to your body but is also a major source of iron, And the person suffering from low blood, ie anemia, is advised to replace it with sugar.

Ayurveda medicine used jaggery for treat anxiety , migraine ,digestion  and fatigue.

It’s advise in winter jaggery prevents cold flu.

You must have seen elderly people eating a piece of jaggery after a meal. Especially the Indian people use jaggery everywhere in their everyday food. Along with this, jaggery is considered the most sacred dessert in India to worship. If you tell the truth then eating jaggery is a different fun.

What is jaggery

Jaggery is made from sugarcane juice or palm juice. In jaggery, sucrose is made up of 59.7 percent, glucose 21.8 percent, mineral liquid 26 percent and water content 8.86 percent and the remaining protein, insoluble material like wood ash, etc. Mostly good jaggery – dark brown color, is golden brown.

It also has good elements like calcium, phosphorus, glucose, fructose, lime, potash and iron. It is beneficial in quick digestion, increases blood, increases appetite, shiny hair and skin. Apart from this, eating things made from jaggery gives relief to many diseases. Consuming jaggery can keep you healthy in winter.

Jaggery is also known as ‘Gur’ in Hindi, ‘Vellam’ in Tamil, ‘Shankara’ in Malayalam, ‘Bellam’ in Telugu, ‘Gul’ in Marathi.

Jaggery is a superfood that has also been given a special place in Ayurveda. It is commonly used in sweetening Ayurvedic medicines, making Chyawanprash, sweets, amla murabba, sesame seeds, and peanut products, chocolate, etc.

You must include this in your diet. Here we are telling you the unique health benefits of jaggery:

Benefits Of Jaggery For Skin, Hair, and Health

Sweet jaggery is full of properties in taste, it is beneficial for health, body, and skin as well as many things. It is very beneficial to use jaggery in winter.

Benefits Of Jaggery For Skin

If you are fond of eating sugary and have to maintain health, then eating jaggery will be beneficial. As much as jaggery is good for health, it is also useful to enhance your beauty. It also acts as a natural cleanser due to its many minerals and vitamins. Which are very beneficial for your skin

Jaggery has anti-oxidant which helps in fighting free radicals. Eating jaggery regularly removes wrinkles on the face.

Glycolic acid present in jaggery is used to bring back the glow of the skin. This gives you glowing skin. If you want, you can apply a little honey and lemon juice in jaggery and apply it on the face.

Consuming a small amount of jaggery daily can relieve you of pimples and acne.

Benefits Of Jaggery For Hair

Among the nutritious elements eaten in winter, jaggery is not a great dry fruit.Consuming jaggery is very important for hair health. Jaggery contains a good amount of iron, and vitamin C. Due to this, the deficiency of iron in our body is completed. Jaggery helps to make our hair long, dark, thick and strong.

Apart from this, the rich amount of iron and zinc in it prevents your hair from falling out.

Multani Mitti, curd and a little jaggery in it should be applied on the hair. This will make your natural black color again.

Benefits Of Jaggery For Health

Prevents constipation– By eating jaggery, the body temperature remains normal and the digestive system also remains fine. It’s mineral elements help in digesting our food as well as in constipation.

Cold and cough– Jaggery is known as best home remedies for cough-cold and fever. Jaggery contains anti-oxidants and minerals that strengthen our immunity. In the winter month, the body remains healthy due to its intake and the cold does not cause cough and cold. Good has also proved very beneficial for Asthma patients. Regular use of it reduces asthma.

Weight loss- Obesity is a serious problem. If you are not losing weight even after doing regular yoga or exercise and taking all kinds of diet or keto diet, then you should start consuming jaggery. Because jaggery is high in calories. Jaggery also has high amounts of sugars and carbohydrates.

In the list of the best teas for weight loss, jaggery tea is one of them.

Eating two teaspoons of jaggery daily is beneficial. Eating more can increase your weight.

Iron deficiency- Jaggery is a diet that is rich in iron. It is very beneficial for patients with anemia. Therefore, the person suffering from anemia has been advised to replace it with sugar.

Acts as a blood purifier and Prevents Anemia Jaggery contains a large amount of iron. This is the reason why it maintains normal levels of red blood cells. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women.

Cleanses the body- Jaggery is a natural and nutritious substance that helps in cleansing our body in many ways. Removes toxins and impurities from the body, as well as jaggery, is important in cleaning the lungs, intestines, stomach and food drain.

Jaggery vs Sugar: which is healthier

If you are fond of eating sweet and you are not able to leave sweet even after wishing, then you start consuming jaggery instead of sugar. This will avert the risk of diabetes

The taste of both sugar and jaggery may be sweet, even though they are made from sugarcane juice, but both have great variability in color and texture and are processed differently.

The sugar is usually hard, crystallized and solid in appearance and appears as white, translucent crystals. The same jaggery is semi-solid, soft and in appearance, it is golden brown and dark brown.

The simple process of making jaggery is to boil the sugarcane syrup for several hours and prepare a thick paste for the jaggery, which is then placed in a mold to obtain a firm shape. Sugar does not have its own taste, sugar syrup is treated with charcoal to absorb unwanted particles and give it a transparent appearance.

This is the reason why sugar goes through a rigorous industrial process that consumes all its nutrients. On the other hand, no chemicals are used in preparing jaggery.


Let me tell you that the jaggery flavor is hot. Therefore, it should not be consumed in very large quantities.


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