A highly excellent asana for spiritual aspirants, Bhadrasana offers health benefits similar to Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose). Bhadrasana or Gracious Pose is good for activating the Muladhara Chakra, reducing fatigue, lengthening the spine and opening the hips, and eliminating diseases.

However, Bhadrasana is referred to as an asana for prolonged meditation. This asana is a basic yoga asana suitable for beginners. It is a favorable posture for meditation because it is comfortable and practiced for longer periods.

Moreover, Bhadrasana is mentioned in the yoga texts such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (one of the most recognized books on yoga) as well as the Gheranda Samhita. Yogi Swatmarama, the author of Hatha Yoga Pradeepika mentioned that Bhadrasana is one of the four main asanas of meditation. It is mentioned as the fourth asana in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which is suitable for sitting for long periods of time.

Bhadrasana Meaning

The Word ‘Bhadra’ comes from the Sanskrit Language, which means ‘ Gracious or Auspicious ’ and ‘asana’ means ‘ yoga pose’.

It is also said that by performing this asana for an extended period of time, the Muladhara Chakra becomes active. And a good way to control the body as well as the mind.

It is performed in two or three ways. Here is a simple method of Bhadrasana.

Bhadrasana Quick Facts

Sanskrit Name: Bhadrasana (Bhadra+Asana)
English Name: Auspicious or Gracious Pose
Level of Asana: – beginner-friendly posture
Posture Position: Sitting
Meaning: ‘Bhadra’ means ‘auspicious’ and ‘asana’ means ‘pose’
Targets: Full body
Focusing Chakras: Mooladhara Chakra

Steps To Do Bhadrasana (Gracious Pose)

  • First of all, sit on the yoga mat in Dandasana Position, legs fully stretched forward, toes pointing upwards. Keep both hands beside the body, palms resting on the mat.
  • Keep the chin drawn in, set your gaze on a point, and look forward while keeping your head and neck straight.
  • To practice Bhadrasana or The Gracious Pose, Take slow and deep breaths and relax the entire body.
  • Now, separate the knees as far as possible and fold both legs and bring them close to each other.
  • In this position, the heels touch the perineum very closely.
  • Make sure that your toes should be in contact with the floor while separating the knees.
  • If required, clasp the feet to bring the heels as close to the perineum.
  • Knees should touch the ground.
  • Take slow and deep breaths and relax the whole body.
  • If you feel a strain or heaviness in the eyes, then close them for a while.
  • You can practice this asana according to your ability.

Preparatory Poses

Benefits Of Bhadrasana (Gracious Pose)

Bhadrasana yoga asana is very beneficial for our body. It keeps us away from many types of problems occurring in our bodies. By the way, there are many benefits to Bhadrasana.

Here are some of its important benefits in detail.

  • It helps to sharpen the mind while increasing your concentration. It helps to maintain a memory.
  • This asana is a beneficial asana for the lungs.
  • Regular practice of Gracious Pose activates the Muladhara Chakra that forms the basis of our spiritual development.
  • It also helps in reducing the extra belly fat along with extra fat on the waist as well as thighs, hence helping in reducing weight.
  • It is a good meditation pose for those who find it difficult to sit in Padmasana and Siddhasana.
  • With this practice, you can get rid of back pain.
  • Bhadrasana is a natural and safe way to treat many stomach problems. While doing this yoga asana, there is pressure on your stomach and intestines which also enhances the digestive process and also kills diseases like acidity, and constipation.
  • It also strengthens the backbone, thighs, hips, and buttocks also.
  • Those who are troubled by a day’s fatigue should practice Bhadrasana regularly.
  • It is beneficial for increasing, lengthening, and strengthening the pelvic floor. That is helpful in a smooth delivery.
  • This yoga asana increases fertility as well as strengthens the leg muscles also.
  • Its regular practice can help you avoid piles problems.


If you are suffering from knee or joint pain then you should avoid doing Bhadrasana yoga asana.

The pregnant woman should consult a doctor or a yoga expert if there is any problem while doing yoga asana.


Yogi Swatmarama has emphasized Bhadrasana as the four best asanas for meditation. Practice Bhadrasana calms the mind and makes the body healthy and beautiful. It also activates the Muladhara (root) chakra.


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