The health benefits of dry ginger powder or Sonth are a boon for all those who are looking for a holistic solution for their health!

Ginger powder, in the form of saunth, is a very common ingredient in our pantry that is commonly used as a spice in everything from morning tea to lentils and curries. Saunth, which is commonly consumed in the form of Kadha and Churan, has been a part of traditional medicine for centuries. In addition to excellent culinary uses, it is also sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics.

Ginger powder has a strong aroma and a sharp, spicy taste that retains the nutrients of ginger without forming lumps. This is because it is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds.

The many benefits of Sonth or ginger powder are attracting the attention of many health enthusiasts. This powder is majorly preferred due to its free-flowing flavoring.

Benefits of Ginger Powder

This article reviews the effectiveness and safety of ginger powder for health and the best ways to use it.

Anti-Inflammatory property

The ginger powder contains anti-inflammatory compounds that are of particular benefit. Anti-inflammatory compounds act in the same way as COX-2 inhibitors.

High in gingerol

Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in dry ginger that has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is helpful in reducing oxidative stress, aiding digestion, reducing nausea, and improving blood circulation.

Gingerol is a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Treat nausea, especially morning sickness

The dry ginger powder (Sonth) appears to be highly effective against certain types of nausea and vomiting, including chemotherapy-related nausea, and post-surgery nausea.

However, dry ginger powder (Sonth) is most effective in reducing the symptoms of nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women.

Beneficial in cough, cold, and fever

The properties present in honey and dry ginger are beneficial in the problem of cold, cold, cough, etc. Their mixture acts as a panacea for cough and cold.

If you are also suffering from a cough, cold or cold for a long time, then mixing honey and dry ginger can be consumed daily. For this, you take 1 teaspoon of pure honey and add a small amount of dry ginger powder to it and consume it daily. After consuming it for 2 to 3 days, your problem will go away.

It May help with osteoarthritis

Some studies have shown that ginger powder has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis, especially osteoarthritis of the knee.

Healthy Digestion

It is very important to have healthy digestion for a healthy body and you can take the benefits of eating dry ginger for the health of digestion. The properties of dry ginger powder work to improve digestion, due to which the digestion of food is done in a good way. Apart from this, the consumption of dry ginger produces such bacteria which play an important role in keeping the digestion system healthy.

Prevents cancer

Ginger powder contains a compound called gingerol. It stops the growth of ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancer cells.

Lowers cholesterol

High levels of LDL lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) increase the risk of heart disease. If you choose the wrong food, it can have a profound effect on LDL levels. Scientific research has proved that dry ginger powder helps in reducing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. One study showed that consuming about 3 grams of dry ginger powder daily for 45 days significantly reduced cholesterol markers. Although we do not confirm this.

Reduce menstrual pain

Dry ginger powder is known to provide relief in various types of pain including menstrual pain. One study found that 150 women consumed 1 gram of dry ginger powder daily for the first three days of their cycle. As a result, there was a significant improvement in their menstrual pain.

Help with weight loss

According to studies on animals and humans, ginger powder (Sonth) may play a role in weight loss. Ginger supplementation had a very positive effect on weight loss in people who were overweight or obese, including increased body weight and waist-hip ratio, and hip ratio.

Consumption of dry ginger extract showed a steady reduction in the weight of the rats. (study)


Ginger powder is one of the superfoods actually loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds. It’s safe to consume at any time of day.

The dry ginger powder (Sonth) may offer benefits for relieving nausea, treat migraines, reduce inflammation, supporting heart health, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


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