Ashwanasana Yoga

Ashwanasana is an asymmetric balancing yoga pose and Holy fig tree pose in English, suitable for beginners. Some consider it to be a variation of Vrikshasana or tree pose where the yogi stands on one leg, the other leg back, one arm up, and the other out. The body spreads wide Like a fig tree and is stretched in three different planes while keeping on one foot stay balanced.

This beginner’s level pose has mental and emotional benefits as well as physical benefits as well as improves one’s sense of balance in space. It promotes static awareness and the opening and stretching of the body wide are the key aspects of this standing-balancing pose.

Ashwanasana can also be called Ashwatasana and is often referred to as Sacred Fig Pose or Pipal Tree Pose in English.

Holy Fig Tree Pose can be a wonderful addition as a creative way to yoga for kids or teens. However, for many people, this easy pose can be a challenging exercise. Beginners can practice Tree Pose or Tightrope Balancing Pose to build strength and balance.

Ashwanasana Yoga Quicks Facts

  • Sanskrit Name: Ashwanasana
  • Pronunciation: ahsh-wahn-AH-sah-nah
  • English Name: Holy Fig Tree Pose
  • Also known as: Holy Fig Tree Pose, Ashwathasana
  • Pose Level: Beginner
  • Position: Standing
  • Pose Type: Balance, Stretch, Strength
  • Drishti: Nasagre (Tip of the nose)
  • Stretches and strengthens: The muscles of the legs, hips, lower back, arms, and shoulders.

Holy Fig Tree Pose or Ashwanasana is believed to be named after the sacred fig tree under which the Buddha was meditating when he attained enlightenment.

Ashwanasana Yoga – How To Do

1. Begin standing straight or yoga Tadasana with feet between 2 feet apart, feeling balanced and grounded.

2. Inhale and stretch the right arm upward toward the ceiling so that the right side of the body becomes one straight line.

3. Bring the left arm out to the side and up to shoulder height, parallel to the ground, the palm should be facing the floor.

4. Inhale and bring the left leg slightly out behind the body and up. toes

5. Firmly press the right leg into the floor for stability, squeezing the buttocks, and feel a sense of balance, Focus on a non-moving point across the room.

6. Exhaling put the left foot on the ground, and while inhaling lift the left foot off the ground.

7. Try to count to 5 breathing steadily (or 20-30 seconds) then lower the left foot.

8. At any moment, if you feel you are losing balance, exhale and gently put your toes of left foot on the ground.

9. Once the balance has been regained, lift the left foot again and continue.

10. Come back to Tree pose at the end and repeat on the opposite side.

Preparatory Poses:

Holy Fig Tree Pose Benefits

Like all balancing poses, as well as its physical benefits, Ashwanasana is considered helpful in achieving mental and emotional balance. The challenge is to maintain this balance even when the physical balance is difficult to achieve. By practicing this, the yogi can learn to be less attached to the results of the pose and to focus on the practice.

Ashwanasana is also considered beneficial for improving concentration. It can be practiced statically or dynamically, moving in and out of the pose.

Ashwanasana stretches and strengthens the muscles of the legs, hips, lower back, arms, and shoulders.

Since A balancing pose increases the flow of the energy (prana) and increased prana flow brings balance to the body-breath-mind.


  • Avoid if there is at the hip, ankle, or knee joints, feet, arms, and shoulders injury.
  • Pregnant women
  • Lack of Body-Breath Awareness
  • Lack of balance should avoid holding this pose for long periods of time


Ashwanasana Yoga is a beginner-friendly yoga pose with a variation of the Tree pose. A basic standing balanced on one leg strengthens the arms, shoulder, hand, and legs, also relieves stress and calms the mind, Boosts energy, and Improves proprioception (perception of body in space).


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