Palli Mudra

As the name suggests Palli mudra, where Palli means “shelter”, that’s exactly how this mudra works, and the word mudra means “gesture”, so this is known as the Gesture Of The Shelter. This mudra provides the shelter that we need to cultivate self-confidence, inward, and connect to our inner sense of trust. Also, this gives you shelter by enhancing trust, support, and centering allowing you to do and become all that you are.

As you hold this pose, you will feel the ease of breathing in the torso and feel fully embodied. This allows your spine to be in optimal alignment and to find both internal and external alignment by creating greater spaciousness and stability.

From The Shelter Gesture, we learn that we can trust ourselves and the wisdom of our inner guide.

Palli Mudra – “Trusting the guidance of the inner being, move forward with confidence.”

Steps To Do Palli Mudra

  • To practice this mudra, sit in any meditative posture such as Padmasana, Ardh Padmasana, Vajrasana, Sukhasana, etc.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths with the awareness of the breathing process that helps you center and focus energy and thoughts..
  • Keep your back straight and spine correct, this Invokes sense of steadiness and security.
  • Place your hands on your knees with palms up.
  • Now wrap the middle finger over the index finger and touch the tip of the thumbs to the tips of the ring finger on the same hand.
  • Little fingers should be straight out.
  • Rest the back of the hands onto the knees or thighs. Alternatively, this gesture can be held with the hands at shoulder height, with the palms facing forward.
  • Relax the shoulders back and down, with the spine naturally aligned.
  • In addition, it should be done with both hands simultaneously.
  • Perform this pose for 35 minutes at a stretch every day or for 10 to 12 minutes three times a day.

It is not necessary for doing this at an empty stomach. You may also practice this mudra with a full stomach. This mudra also practices in a standing, sitting or lying down posture.


  • Gesture Of The Shelter is a wonderfully applicable mudra that cultivates both physical alignment and inner centering.
  • Practicing Palli mudra twice a day for 20 minutes aids balanced digestion, and full breathing.
  • This yoga mudra is not less than a boon for you that also good for self-confidence, optimism and calmness.
  • It has a profound effect on our body and experience of deeper levels of inner freedom.
  • Palli mudra helps to shelter you on your journey by enhancing trust, feelings of support, and feeling centered.
  • Generally, Palli Mudra is very beneficial for unfolds the spiritual you, you become radiant, joyful, and light.
  • This also increased feelings of equanimity throughout the body and mind inspire us on our journey.

Time Interval

However, No particular time duration for the mudra. But this mudra should be done in the morning so that the energy of the sun can be absorbed into your body. Of course, All mudra is very effective when you do the mudras between 4-6 AM. You can do this mudra three times a day for 8 minutes to 25 minutes. To an excellent, the best and efficient results, make sure you practice regularly for two months.


Palli mudra cultivates self-confidence, optimism and vitality in order to trust your inner guidance. Here you feel physically more embodied, grounded, and calm.



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