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Are you suffering from low blood pressure, facing difficulty in maintaining your blood sugar level in diabetes, and struggling to mitigating heart conditions? Does heavy workout leave you with cramps and dehydration? Are you having a bloating issue, kidney stones, digestive problems? Would you ever imagine that you could mitigate these problems with no other than coconut water and leverage the benefits of coconut water to improve your health?

Well, with all these plethoras of problems, there is a single solution. Yes, you heard it right. One single solution for simple health issues to serious ones. As we said earlier, it’s none other than coconut water. This naturally occurring beverage has become quite a trend owing to its brilliant properties and effects. 

It isn’t just tasty as well as refreshing, but it is laced with vitamins and multiple minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, and Sodium. It is also among the best foods for vitamin C. Thanks to its stupendous composition, it has numerous health benefits. Let’s have a rundown of 21 of its benefits, backed by science.

Benefits of Coconut Water

1. Helps in Cardiovascular (Heart) Health

Coconut water can easily be added into your diet in order to improve the overall cardiovascular health. It is due to the fact that this particular water assists in lowering the blood pressure and hence reduces the chances of imminent heart attacks. A plethora of studies have recently proven that having coconut water on a regular basis is quite beneficial for improving the entire health of the heart. In a recent study, it was actually found that after administering coconut water for 45 days, the group had a reduction in triglyceride levels as well as cholesterol which even rivalled the actual effects of a statin drug that is utilized to lower cholesterol.

2. Helps in Digestion

It is an evident fact that coconut water has ample fibre content in it. It is also known that consuming fibre on quite a regular basis actually does wonders for the digestive system and assists in keeping different digestion related issues at bay. Drinking one coconut per day will provide your body with almost 9 percent of its daily requirements of fibre, which will certainly keep the digestion on the right track too.

3. Helps in Prevention of Kidney Stones

As we know, kidneys help in removing toxin s as well as impurities from our body in urine form. However, sometimes urine gets crystallizes and creates stones in the kidneys. It is quite a painful condition which can be avoided by drinking coconut water regularly, which reduces the chances of crystal creation in the kidneys. 

In a recent study on rats with kidney stones, it was discovered that coconut water prevented crystals from getting stuck to the kidneys as well as other parts of their urinary tracks. It even reduced the number of crystals formed in their urine.

4. Helps in Metabolism Improvement

Numerous nutrients present in coconut water, as discussed above, help in giving a much-needed boost to your metabolism, which is sure shot ways to having great health. Manganese in coconut water certainly helps in improving the metabolism of your body.

5. Helps in Dehydration Prevention

Anyone can become extremely weak as well as low on energy due to dehydration. Also, it can even lead to further health issues and complications too. Whenever the body starts getting dehydrated, it not just loses water but also loses essential salts and nutrients. However, consuming coconut water instantly replenishes your body of all of the lost water as well as nutrients.

6. Helpful in Diabetes 

Coconut water has immense anti-diabetic properties than it seems. It is great for preventing clotting, which is quite a common phenomenon in the case of diabetes. Research has reflected that coconut water can easily lower blood sugar levels and also improve different health markers in diabetic animals. [Study 1Study 2Study 3]

7. Helps in Weight Loss

Inculcating coconut water within your diet is a great way to stop yourself from the consumption of excess calories.

It happens because it is rich in fibre as discussed earlier, that keeps you quite satiated for a longer duration of time and reduces your calorie intake and hence helps in weight loss.

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Weight loss yoga poses with coconut water fasting will bring quick weight loss.

8. Helps in Bloating Reduction

Due to excess sodium in the body, you may experience bloating. Even though coconut water has sodium in it, it also increases potassium level in the body. It reduces the effects of the sodium and hence reduces the bloating

9. Helps in Achieving Stronger Bones

Coconut water is rich in a substantial amount of calcium which helps in strengthening of bones. It even contains magnesium which improves bone strength.

10. Helpful in Reducing Muscle Cramps

In case you suffer from recurring bouts of intensive muscle cramps, there could be plenty of reasons. But if it is due to lower potassium level or strenuous workout, then both conditions can be mitigated by coconut water. It is rich in potassium and even provides the body with sufficient electrolytes as well as water.

11. Helpful in Offering Energy after Strenuous Workouts

If you need to have a drink post a strenuous workout session, then you can replace your current energy drink with a natural one called coconut water. Since it is loaded with magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium, it assists in replenishing the various lost electrolytes from the body. A couple of studies have found that coconut water easily restored hydration after heavy exercise better than water and even equal to high-electrolyte sports drinks. [Study 1Study 2]

12. Helps in Body Detoxification

As we know, our body requires detoxification to get rid of all of the toxins present in the body. Coconut water not only hydrates the body as well as provides it will provide various essential nutrients but also helps the body to actually get rid of these toxins from our system through these nutrients. 

13. Helpful in Treatment of Diarrhoea

In the case of Diarrhoea, the body can get devoid of its natural salts as well as electrolytes. To replenish them, we need supplements like ORS. But, coconut water is a great natural supplement and is quite great in treating Diarrhoea, much better than ORS as it contains enzymes, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, as well as numerous nutrients.

14. Helps in Lowering of Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that consumption of coconut water regularly proves to be quite effective in lowering blood pressure or even hypertension. Also, it even avoids blood clotting, and even reduces bad cholesterol in the body that may directly impact the blood pressure. A study on people with high blood pressure proved that coconut water greatly improved systolic blood pressure in the majority of participants.

15. Helpful in Depression

It may sound absurd, but coconut water has been found quite helpful in assisting people in fighting depression. Due to the high amount of magnesium content, it is quite effective in the enhancement of the mood, which keeps the spirits high as well as depression at bay.

16. Helpful in Treatment of Gallstone

Due to the high concentration of magnesium as well as malic acid, consuming coconut water can assist in the treatment of gallstones. It is due to these nutrients being effective in breaking down the stones as well as flushing it out from the system.

17. Helps in Memory Improvement

Even though it may sound bizarre, coconut water does help in enhancing your memory due to the presence of glutamic acid as well as amino acids in it. It enhances memory retention as well as recall because of these two components’ presence.

18. Helps in Insomnia Cure

It can help you get a sound sleep at night and improve the overall quality of the sleep too. Coconut water contains, GABA, which is a neurotransmitter which is quite helpful in making you feel quite relaxed as well as calm and even has anti-anxiety effects too. Hence, these factors lead to much better sleep at night too.

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19. Helpful in Stress Relief

Consuming coconut water regularly helps in the management of stress levels. It is loaded with vitamin B5, B6 as well as B9. It helps in releasing serotonin which relieves stress and makes you calm.

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20. Helps in Improvement of Eye-health

You should certainly include coconut water in your diet if you are duly concerned about your own eye-health as well as wish to improve it. Coconut water contains vitamin B12, which is quite essential for better vision and improved eye health.

21. Helpful in Toxins Reduction from the Liver

Coconut water’s hepatoprotective properties benefit the liver by means of reduction of toxin activity. 

Wrapping Up 

These are 21 evidence-backed benefits of coconut water. You should seriously consider including coconut water in your diet. You can drink it daily in the morning or in the evening, especially after morning Yoga or evening exercise. Coconut water will not only rejuvenate your body from outside but also from inside. Also, you will feel much calmer and relaxed. You will lose harmful toxins from your body. It will reduce your blood sugar level and blood pressure level. It will keep your heart in a healthy condition. With all these numerous benefits, you can’t simply ignore not to consider having coconut water in your diet. Try it and enjoy its benefits. You will certainly see the difference and will thank yourself for doing it. 


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