home remedies for jaundice

Jaundice is a disease that occurs due to many diseases in the body. Initially, when the disease is slow and mild, then its symptoms are not visible, but when it takes a severe form, the eyes, and nails of the patient start appearing yellow, we call it jaundice. By the way, people take medicine when there is jaundice. But you can also get relief from your condition with the help of some home remedies for Jaundice.

Viral Hepatitis or Jaundice is commonly known as Jaundice. This disease is caused by a very microscopic virus. When during the process of replacement of old red blood cells in the body, a yellow-colored substance is formed, which is called bilirubin. As the amount of bilirubin increases, the yellow color becomes darker. Due to which the body looks pale. Due to this, the color of your skin, eyes, and gums becomes very yellow.

However, it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Surprisingly there are some diet and home remedies for jaundice that can help in treating jaundice naturally.

Home Remedies for Jaundice: Diet for Jaundice And Prevention

Everything you consume has a direct effect on your liver health. Eating a healthy diet helps your liver work more efficiently and remove toxins from your body. A healthy liver helps reduce the symptoms of jaundice and reduce the chances of it happening in the future.

Many home remedies for jaundice have been used for centuries with the help of basic and easily available household ingredients.


The Yogurt must be consumed in case of jaundice. The probiotics in yogurt help in improving immunity. It brings down the level of serum bilirubin and provides protection against harmful bacteria. To cure your jaundice, eat a bowl of Yogurt daily.

Digestive enzymes

Foods containing digestive enzymes are best for jaundice patients. Eating different types of food is beneficial for your overall health. Good choices for liver health in jaundice include Grapefruit, Avocado, Brussels Sprouts, Grapes, Mustard Greens, honey, orange peels, pineapple, papaya, mango, almonds, brown rice, quinoa.

Morning Sunlight

Sunlight is widely used in the treatment of jaundice. This is a unique treatment for jaundice in infants. Especially, sunlight has been found to be more effective in curing neonatal jaundice in the newborn. But keep in mind that this sunlight gives oblique rays of the sun in the morning ie around 8 o’clock. These rays work to reduce the bilirubin content in the body of babies so that babies can get rid of the problem of jaundice. (study)

Especially, sunlight has been found to be more effective than phototherapy in curing neonatal jaundice in the newborn.


Tomatoes are a good source of a chemical called lycopene. Drinking tomato juice on an empty stomach in the morning removes the risk of jaundice. To make tomato juice, first, boil the tomato in hot water and then take out its peel and grind its inner part and drink it.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is very beneficial for jaundice patients. Actually, the sugar present in jaundice helps the liver to fight jaundice. If you give a few drops of sugarcane juice to your baby for 4 to 5 days, then the problem of jaundice can be relieved.


The anti-inflammatory element present in it helps in curing jaundice quickly. Lemon juice also inhibits chemical formation in the blood. Therefore, drink lemon juice mixed with water thrice a day.


In jaundice, 2 glasses of buttermilk should be drunk daily. Mixing black pepper powder in it and drinking it increases its quality even more and it ends the disease of jaundice in a few days.

Goat’s milk

Goat’s milk is much easier to digest than cow’s milk, so from newborns to elders, goat’s milk should be consumed in case of jaundice. In addition, goat’s milk also contains useful antibodies that help in curing jaundice.

NOTE– Please consult Doctor prior to use above remedies .


The level of bilirubin in the body of the children may be high, due to which they may be vulnerable to jaundice. If the newborn is healthy, then you do not need to panic. The jaundice of a healthy newborn can be cured in a week.

For home remedies of jaundice in newborns, they can be exposed to sunlight through a closed glass window for a few minutes daily. Keep in mind that only morning sunlight and goat’s milk are a diet for jaundice to newborns, although before giving it also consult a doctor.


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