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Although forgetting some traditions for good, no doubt, but not all can be forgotten. One of these traditions involves the practice of eating food with hands, but after coming in contact with Western civilization, the practice of eating with spoon and thorns has increased. Although some of us still like to eat with hands. According to some people, the use of hands is against table manners, and they consider it to be hygienically incorrect, but if you know the Benefits Eating Food With Hands, then you will definitely include it in your habit. In Ayurveda, there are many benefits to eating food with hands.

Food is a memorizing process, using all the senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste., can make your food taste even better. All our senses are working while eating food. We see food with our eyes, feel its fragrance, enjoy its taste and experience touch. Even by using our senses of hearing, we can enjoy the food fully.

Reason behind Eating Food With Hands?

According to Ayurveda, the human body is also made up of five elements. – Dhara, air, sky, water, and fire. These five elements are hidden in our fingers. Space through thumb, air with the index finger, middle finger fire, ring finger represent water and the little finger represents earth. The imbalance in these five elements causes many diseases in the body. In reality, these five elements are related to the five senses of humans. The tongue, nose, ears, skin, and eyes act as our five senses.

When we enjoy food with our hands, the whole process stimulates these five elements. Apart from this, the mudra is formed while taking food in the hand. This mudra keeps the balance of the five elements in the body and maintains energy.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Food With Hands

Some people find eating by hand a dirty habit, but it is a healthy habit and has a lot of health benefits.

Better digestion-

According to Ayurvedic texts – touch is the most intense sensation for the mind. While lifting the food directly by hand, inadvertently many times such yoga mudras are formed which is beneficial in digesting food. Also, it indicates the stomach to be active for digestion before eating, which helps indigestion.

Increases Blood Circulation-

Eating with hands is the best exercise for issues that increase blood circulation. More hand activity helps to keep blood circulation correct.

Balance the five elements of the body-

According to Ayurveda, diseases in the body are caused by imbalance, and this imbalance is due to deficiency or excess of five elements. Our fingers have the qualities of these elements. Each element is related to a specific and important function in the body. The fingers actually make the electric circuit. The different postures affect the balance of the energy in the body (Panchatatva) – Earth, water, air, fire and sky and facilitate health benefits.

While eating food by hand, when the index finger comes in contact with the thumb, it became Gyan mudra. Which increases the energy in the body. When the thumb attaches to all four fingers, the shape of the Adi mudra comes, which relaxes the nervous system and increases the flow of oxygen in the head. Thus, the benefits of eating food with the hand are inherent in the benefits of mudra.

Help Lose Weight-

Eating food with hands is considered better, as it promotes a feeling of fullness and fulfillment. Apart from this, it is very clear that how much food you have eaten and whether you need to eat more or not and you are not able to multitasking, so by eating the right amount of food you are able to control your weight.

Prevents Burning of Tongue-

If you eat food with your hands, the temperature can be detected by its touch. Conversely, when you eat food with a fork, you cannot feel how hot the food is. In this way, we stop our tongue from burning by eating food with hands.

Eating Food With Hands is Hygienic-

Hands are washed immediately before having food, but when it comes to spooning, forks and other utensils, these are not used immediately after washing.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Cutlery is also often used for quick eating, which creates a risk of diabetes. A study suggests that patients with type-2 diabetes are likely to eat in a hurry. Therefore, food should always be used to eat slowly and with your hands, even if the time is not too much.


India and many African countries are old civilization and they have tradition eating with food since ancient time. Don’t panic if you don’t eat with hands just enjoy this habit of people which is running since ancient time.
Happy eating.


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