Urdhva Hasthasana

Urdhva Hasthasana is a standing asana like Tadasana And posture is an important sequence of Surya Namaskar. It is usually a short asana for beginners level, done for a short duration.

Urdhva Hasthasana derived from the Sanskrit words. where Urdhva means ‘upwards’, Hasta means ‘hand’, and asana meaning ‘posture’.

In this posture, the fingers of both hands are pulled together by pulling them together and hence it is named Urdhva Hasthasana. It is also sometimes called Tadasana.

With this Yogasan, freshness comes in your body and the body becomes flexible. This makes your shoulders strong. This yoga is also done by sitting in a chair.

Urdhva Hasthasana is also beneficial for those who complain of back or back pain due to sitting in one place for hours. It is also the best asana for beginners.

Now it comes to know how to do Urdhva Hasthasana properly. Here are write the simple ways of doing it, which you can easily do it at your home by understanding it well.

Steps To Do Urdhva Hasthasana (Upward Salute Yoga)

  • To come in Upward Salute Yoga, first of all, you need to stand in Tadasana on yoga met.
  • Stand straight and put your legs somewhat separated, with your hands hanging nearby your body.
  • Your body should remain stable at this time. That is, the bodyweight should be the same on both your legs.
  • Now, slowly bring the hands parallel to the shoulders. and mix the fingers of both the palms together.
  • After this, while breathing, pull your hands upwards, until you feel a stretch in the shoulders and chest.
  • In this position, shoulders must be away from your ears.
  • Raise the heel of the foot above the ground and carefully stand up to the feet.
  • Keep in mind that the balance of the body remains on your toes.
  • While breathing, stay in this posture for a while.
  • Keep the palms facing the sky and keep the neck straight.
  • Now rotate your neck muscles clockwise and anti-clockwise hands and neck completely.
  • After stopping in the right position for some time, while exhaling, bring the hands back over the head. Then for some time, turn to the left position.
  • To come out from this asana-Slowly, keep the ankles on the ground too and bring both hands down and come back to the resting position of the previous position, which is close to the waist. Do this asana regularly at least 5 to 7 times.

Benefits Of Urdhva Hasthasana (Upward Salute Yoga)

  • If you do Urdhva Hasthasana, this asana works to tone the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. This does not make the body feel heavy and you feel lighter. Therefore you must do this posture.
  • Performing this yoga brings sufficient balance and flexibility in the body to perform other yoga postures.
  • By doing this yoga, thighs, calves, and claws are strengthened. Hence there is no feeling of physical exhaustion.
  • For women who have an early pregnancy period, if this asana is practiced at that time, then the pregnancy period of the woman also ends well. Therefore, this yoga asana is beneficial for women also.
  • By practicing this asana regularly, the ankle, knees, thighs, arms, chest, and legs of the body are very strong. This makes your body more rigid.
  • Urdhva Hasthasana stimulates the throat chakra, which is associated with self-expression and communication. 
  • This posture is also said to be beneficial for awakening the Kundalini Shakti.
  • However, this should be practiced for those who are still underage and are likely to grow in length. That’s why it is known as the best Yoga for kids.
  • It eliminates dullness and depression. Moreover, it harmonizes the body and mind.
  • This asana is also known to be therapeutic in the treatment of asthma.
  • This Yoga is beneficial for people suffering from spinal disorders, back pain, and slip discs.
  • It helps in enhancing the blood flow.
  • With this asana, the body gets relief in tremor disease.
  • It gives ideal extending to the nerves and muscles, it is supportive in working on the different arrangement of the body.
  • Most people these days suffer from backache and that’s due to sitting for long hours or due to sitting in a bad posture. Urdhva Hasthasana helps in relieving from that pain.

A Word of Caution

  • People who suffer from sciatica should perform the pose under guidance. Since the effects can be adverse.
  • If you are suffering from insomnia, low blood pressure, and headache problem then you should not practice.


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