Yoga For Sex

To enjoy a healthy and better sex life, resorting to yoga is the safest and right way. Some yogasanas can also help in better performance and increase sex power while making physical relationships. Let us know about some such poses of yoga for sex that can help in improving sexual wellness.

How Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

One of the main overlooked benefits of yoga is its power to improve your sex life. Studies show that women’s sex lives have improved significantly thanks to a 12-week yoga program.

Yoga practice decreases the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces negative effects from the body and promotes sexual desire. Yoga also increases flexibility, improves abdominal core muscles, strengthens the pelvic floor, and improves mood. (study)

Apart from this, we can strengthen our core pelvic bone and muscles with yoga exercises. Yoga also known as pelvic floor exercise is the best way to strengthen the pelvic bones and overcome sexual problems. Pelvic floor yoga is mainly divided into three parts, basic pelvic floor exercises, sitting pelvic floor yoga, and standing pelvic floor yoga exercises.

The muscles of the pelvic region are the ones that help in increasing the blood flow to the waist and help in maintaining an erection. Strengthening muscles with pelvic floor exercises can actually improve sexual functions such as desire, arousal, lubrication, erection, ejaculation, satisfaction, pain, and orgasm.

Yoga For Sex Health

Generally, while yogic postures keep us sexually healthy by increasing vitality and flexibility in our body, on the other hand there are some special yogic postures and bandhas, which help us in regaining our lost sexual power, such as – Mahamudra , Uddiya Mudra, Ashwini Mudra, Moolabandha, Jalandhara Bandha etc. These mudras provide firmness and stimulation to the sex glands and reproductive organs in the body by increasing the libido.

Yoga poses to improve sex life

If you want to give a new life to your sex life, then try using these yoga poses in your regular yoga practice which are very beneficial for better sex.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Balasana is one of the simple asanas in various yoga postures for better sex, in which the position of the person doing yoga looks like a child.

Lie down on your back. Bend both your knees and raise your legs upwards. Hold both the toes of the feet with your hands and straighten the legs by spreading them outwards. In this position, both your hands will also be straight. In this posture, you stay for some time and then come back to your starting position.

Butterfly pose (Titli Asana)

By doing this asana, along with strengthening the genitals, there is flexibility in the pelvic and groin organs. With this asana, along with increasing interest in sex, one can also enjoy extreme pleasure. This asana is considered to be a panacea for sexual relations.

Cross your legs and sit on the mat. Keep a distance between the legs in such a way that the toes touch each other. Now, place your hands on the feet, holding them together. Use your thighs as if a butterfly wing is moving them up and down in motion. It can be difficult at first, and you can ease into it gradually. It is a fast and easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Know more about Butterfly pose and its benefits.

Cat Pose (Marjariasana)

The person doing the Marjariasana pose looks like a cat. This asana for good sex is a very good posture to make the spine strong and flexible. This asana refreshes your mood by reducing your stress.

In this posture, like a cat, keep both hands and feet on the ground, keep in mind that both the palms should be in line with the shoulders and both the knees should be in the line of the hips, and the spine should also be straight. Now while inhaling, pull the face, chin, chest up, and stomach down. After a few seconds, the opposite has to be done, while exhaling, the stomach has to be raised up and the face, chin, chest down.

Happy Baby (Ananda Balasana)

Happy Baby Pose is one of the easiest and most magical rugs which gives comfort to the lower muscle group, enhances hamstrings and is a great way to spread your gluts and lower back.

First, lay down the back of the back at a bottle place. Then raise the legs upwards in the knee side. Keep the knee vaccine from the chest and keep a light distance between both knees during this time. Keep your foot claw upwards. Then hold both thumbs of the leg with both hands. In this state, stayed for 20 to 30 seconds. This stage is called Ananda Balasana.


Practicing daily 20 minutes of yoga for sex enhances long ejaculation and overall sexual performance. The posture of yoga is not only helpful in keeping your mind and body healthy but can be greatly enriched.


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