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Aug 23, 2022
Yoga for Lordosis: Correct Lumbar Lordosis

The human body is able to stand with the help of the backbone. Due to some reason or the other[…]

Aug 19, 2022
Full-Body Yoga Routine: 20 Yoga Poses For Total Body Workout

Yoga is a group of postures, meaning poses that can be challenging as well as a total body workout. Yoga[…]

Aug 18, 2022
Karma Yoga – What Is It and How To Practice It?

Karma yoga is one of the four main branches of yoga (Jnana (knowledge or self-study), Bhakti (devotion), karma (yoga of[…]

Aug 06, 2022
Guided Home Yoga Equipment For Beginners

If you are willing to start yoga at home, you must first invest in a few important pieces of equipment[…]

Jul 07, 2022
7 Yoga Poses For Tight Hamstrings & To Improve Their Flexibility

Once your hamstrings are painfully tight, it can lead to very problems such as poor posture, lower back pain, tension[…]

Jun 18, 2022
Sarvangasana | Shoulder Stand Steps | Benefits

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is a powerful inversion pose wherein the whole body is balanced on the shoulders, body weight[…]

Jun 17, 2022
Halasana | Plow Pose | Steps | Benefits | Precautions

Halasana (Plow Pose), is a full-body stretch that requires you to change your thinking while doing it. Meditation, Pranayama, Shavasana[…]

Jun 16, 2022
A Step by Step Guide to Yoga Nidra

Yoga has many benefits and among those is mental and spiritual awakening. It puts the practitioner in a surreal state[…]

Jun 15, 2022
Yoga Mudrasana | Yogic Seal Pose Steps | Benefits

There are lots of yoga poses to improve the body and muscles strong, but the best one is Yoga Mudrasana,[…]

Jun 14, 2022
Gate Pose | Parighasana Steps | Benefits

Gate Pose is widely recognized as Parighasana in the Sanskrit language and is also known as Beam Pose. This kneeling[…]