Morning Yoga Stretch

Including some yoga stretching in your every morning may help enhance your good & spectacular day. That could mean that Morning Yoga Stretch can help energize you throughout the day.

Want to make your day amp up then why not practice some yoga before starting the day?

Why Yoga?

The way you start the day affects your mood and work throughout the day. If you start well then your mind and mood remain good throughout the day. Morning sun rays are absolutely essential for better health. It is the mighty force that is all around life.

If you ask me, there are no better options to start a good day than with a morning yoga stretch. It can really make difference, whether, in need of feeling more energized or feeling more balanced and focused, the right flow of poses always helps to tune in to both my body and mind.

Yoga can not only improve your energy levels, but also improve flexibility, and can be a particularly powerful practice for dealing with anxiety and depression – and I think it can increase your strength and May aid in weight management.

Whether you are a beginner to the practice or an advanced yogi, the benefits of yoga can also help you go on a good day with a high level of confidence.

Plus, yoga stretches will help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, and you feel calm and ready for the day.

Practicing a 20 minutes morning yoga stretch in bed also challenges your body (bed pose is no joke!), helps in making the body healthy and mind active.

Below, we’ve rounded up some warm-up poses, intermediate, and advanced to help you start your day.

20-Minute Morning Yoga Stretch

We naturally wake up in the morning from a lack of movement during the night, as some muscles get stiff during sleep. Stretching in the morning helps you to move your body in a way that actually lifts us up to release these tight and stiff muscles.

Here is a full-body stretch routine, just right for encouraging you to move your body.

1. Cobra Stretches (Bhujangasana)

This yoga asana is great for stretching your entire body, especially the upper body, all of which can be a bit tight in the morning. In this, your shoulders, abdominal muscles, and chest get a good stretch. It removes stiffness from your body and also helps in improving your mood.

To get started: Bhujangasana

First of all, lie down on your stomach on the ground. Keep the legs straight, keep the feet and ankles together. Keep both the hands below both the shoulders and keep both the elbows close to the body. Taking long deep breaths, slowly lift the head, then the chest, and then the stomach. Now while raising the body, with the help of both the hands, pull the waist back. Balance by giving weight on both arms. While inhaling slowly, straighten both the arms while slowly bending the spine joint even more. Look upwards.

2. Child’s Stretches (Balasana)

An awesome way to start a hip yoga stretch — especially in the morning. This restorative pose provides gentle stretching for your lower back and hips. It relieves stress and fatigue and allows you to reconnect with your breath.

To get started: Balasana

Get down on your knees on the yoga mat. Touch both the ankles and ankles together. Slowly spread your knees out to the side as much as possible. Taking a deep breath, lean forward from the upper body. Take the stomach between both the thighs and exhale. Bring the hands to the front and keep them in front of you. Both the hands will remain in the line of the knees. Try to touch both the shoulders with the floor.

Relax here, and feel your spine expanding. Remain in this position for 30 seconds to a few minutes.

3. Cat-Cow Stretches (Marjaryasana and Bitilasana)

Stretching your body with a Cat-Cow can feel really cool. These two poses done together can be helpful in yoga stretches for the neck. It can increase the circulation of spinal fluid.

By doing these two asanas together, your spine will get good flexibility and your waist and torso will get a great stretch. This will also give a message to the area around your stomach area. Therefore, you can use this asana to give a good stretch to your body.

To get started: Marjaryasana and Bitilasana

Get on your knees and hands and make the body into a table in several ways, form the upper part of the table with your back and make all four legs of the table with your hands and feet. Keep the neck straight in front of the eyes. While inhaling, move your chin upwards towards the head, press your navel towards the ground and take the lower part of your waist towards the ceiling. Shrink both the butts. Maintain this position and keep taking long deep breaths and exhaling.

Now while exhaling, place the chin on the chest and lift the back in a bow shape as high as possible, leaving the buttocks loose. Keep this position for some time and then come to the table like before.

4. Cow Facing Stretches (Gomukhasana)

This pose is great for the morning because it’s requiring the practitioner to sit erectly, it also enhances one’s posture. It stretches the arms, triceps, shoulders, and chest, and energizes the body.

It can also be therapeutic for sciatica and reproductive organs. It cures stiff shoulders, elongates the spine, and strengthens back muscles.

To get started: Gomukhasana

Sit with both legs stretched out in front. Bend the left leg and place the heel near the right buttocks. Bend the right leg and place it on the left leg in such a way that both the knees are on top of each other. Raise the right hand and bend it towards the back and hold the right hand by bringing the left hand behind the back from below. Keep in mind that in this position both your neck and waist should be straight. After doing it from one side for about a minute, do this asana from the other side in the same way. While doing this asana, keep in mind that the side (right/left) hand on the side where the foot is kept up should be kept up.

To grip your hand in the back, you can use yoga stretch straps.

5. Downward Dog Stretches (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

If you have practiced Surya Namaskar, then tell that this asana is one of his 12 asanas. This is a mild inverted relaxing pose. It resets your nervous system, stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and legs while strengthening your arms and legs.

To get started: Adho Mukha Svanasana

For this asana, you first have to stand straight and then bend down and touch the ground with your hands. After this, while stretching the hands forward, keep your head as close to the ground as possible. In this yoga pose, your position will have to be held for 30 to 45 seconds.

6. Mountain Stretches (Tadasana)

This morning yoga stretch can do a lot for your confidence and your other yoga practice. This pose works an assortment of muscles in your torso, legs, core, and arms.

To get started: Tadasana

First of all, you have to stand while straightening your spine and locking the fingers of both your hands with each other. After this, while turning the palms, keep them straight in the state of joining hands above your head. Now while taking a deep breath, feel the stretch on the arm, back muscles, and shoulder simultaneously. After doing this for two minutes, bring the hands down and then do this daily for 10 minutes i.e. at least five times.

7. Forward Bend Stretches (Uttanasana)

This pose works your spinal muscles, glutes, hamstrings, legs, core, quadriceps, and piriformis. It can increase confidence, flexibility in your hips, and stimulate the kidneys, liver, and digestion.

To get started: Uttanasana

First of all, stand upright and keep a distance of one foot between the feet. Now keep the legs straight and take a deep breath and bring the hands down. During this, you have to take care that your legs do not bend from the knee. Maintaining this position, try to touch the toes with the hands. After this move your hands backward. Now try to hold the upper part of the heel. Stay in this posture for a while and then come back to the normal posture. Now repeat this cycle three or four times.


By incorporating a 20-minute yoga routine in yourself, you can make your day pleasant. A morning yoga stretch is a little “me time” for yourself before puts you out. Whether a beginner or an advanced yogi, here you, will stimulate your body, your brain, your organs, your muscles, your spirit, and your focus.


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