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Are you looking for the best yoga for scoliosis that can Attempt to strengthen and reshape the spinal cord? If so, this article is for you.

As you will soon see, we have compiled a list of the absolute best yoga Asana that can help to correct the size of the spinal cord, it will keep away from scoliosis or reduce the pain of scoliosis. So if you are ready, let’s go ahead and dive right in.

What is Scoliosis?

Actually, scoliosis is a disorder in which the spinal cord is not straight, but it turns in the other direction. In such a situation, the spinal cord of a person suffering from scoliosis appears like the English letters ‘S’ and ‘C’. This is a painful condition, also known as ‘spine curvature’ or ‘paroxysmal’.

Scoliosis especially begins in childhood or adolescence. Whose back bone is bent more than ten degrees, he is the victim of this disease ie scoliosis.

Mostly, the lower part of the back and chest are affected by this disease. This type of disease is more likely in women.

Benefits of Yoga for Scoliosis

Yoga is a very ancient technique which not only helps on physical level but also helps people greatly on mental level. Yoga gives patience and courage to the person suffering from this disease and helps them to emerge from the pain of scoliosis.

Severe scoliosis ie curvature of the spine more than 45 degrees affects the mobility of a person and also causes pain. People undergo surgery when there is scoliosis. But other treatments of the disease must be tested before undergoing surgery. Scoliosis patients can benefit from yoga, exercise, stretching and other types of physical activity among a variety of other treatments. Yoga is a treatment that is quite beneficial. 30 minutes of lifelong yoga exercise is urged to overcome the pain of scoliosis.

According to a medical research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), exercise can prove to be a better option to straighten body posture.

Yoga therapy for scoliosis offers a wide range of supported benefits, no harm and it is best to develop your practice in conjunction with a health care professional. (study)

Researchers note that unfortunately, if yoga practice incorrectly, it can also be harmful! Especially if it is not practiced under someone’s guidance.

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Practice These 5 Yoga for Scoliosis

Under yoga, various methods of breathing and with the help of different asanas are attempted to strengthen and reshape the spinal cord. There may be slight pain in the beginning, but in the long term the body shape is correct.

So let us know about some yogasanas that will correct the size of our renal bones and keep them away from scoliosis. Practice these 5 yoga at home.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana is a combination of various elements. It instills stability and strength in your spinal, legs and the feet and also expands the torso. Also, this asana can play a helpful role in reducing pain caused by scoliosis in the spinal cord.


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  • Stand upright and place the legs about three to four feet apart.
  • Rotate your right paw to 90 degrees.
  • Turn the body to the right side, go down from the hips, raise your left hand up in the air while keeping the waist straight and move the right hand down towards the ground. Thus keep both your hands in a straight line.
  • Keep your head in the middle or bend to the left, focus the eyesight towards the palm.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

In the case of scoliosis, Ustrasana can be an effective way to strengthen and relax the spine.

Camel Pose
  • Sit on your yoga mat with your knees and place both hands on the hips.
  • Knees should be parallel to the shoulders and the soles of the feet should be towards the sky.
  • Breathing, pull the spinal cord towards the forearm as if being pulled from the navel.
  • Sit neutral without straining your neck
  • In this situation, some people kept taking breaths.

(Supta Matsyendrasana) Spinal Twist Pose

Supta Matsyendrasana rinses your internal organs and turns the spinal cord and makes it lengthens and strengthens.

  • first of all, on the yoga mat lie flat and straight on your back.
  • open arms out to the sides such that they create one straight line with the shoulders.
  • Then bend the right leg from near the knee and lift it upwards.
  • Rest the right leg on the left knee.
  • After this, while exhaling, raise the right hip and turn the back to the left and allow the right knee to go down, and keep the right hand on the ground while doing so. (As the picture is showing)
  • Try to make the right knee fully on the left side of the body.
  • Now turn the head to the right.

Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Pose)

Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Pose) is, as the name suggests, a seated twisting yoga pose that re-energize the body, enhances the flexibility of thighs, hamstrings, spine, hip joints, back, hands and shoulders.

  • first of all, you need to sit in Dandasana (staff pose).
  • Now, Inhale and bend your right knee. bring the bottom of the right foot against the inner part of the left thigh.
  •  bring the torso slightly to the left and lifting the torso left.
  • bend forward from the base of the hip and slowly bring your hands down towards the left foot sole with the arms fully extended, lengthen. grab the left toe with your palm.

Kumbhakasna (Plank Pose)

According to medical research, Plank Pose can help maintain the spine in a straight line. In such a situation, breathing exercises can also help in correcting the spinal curve. It is the ultimate strengthener of the shoulder, spine stretcher, core tightener, and leg lifter.

  • First of all lie down in Makarasana while sleeping in Shavasana.
  • Now keep the claws of the hands on the ground.
  • Then raise the chest, abdomen, lower and the capillary straighten the toes of the feet. In this situation, the force or weight of your body will be completely on the toes, elbows and toes.
  • Straighten the spine, including the neck. In this case the spine should be in a straight line.

The problem of scoliosis can be relieved through yoga exercise, but it is a mistake to consider it as a permanent treatment.

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