home remedies for cold cough fever

Changing weather brings with us many kinds of diseases like cold cough and viral fever. These illnesses appear to be minor in appearance but they have a lot of trouble. Their symptoms include sore throat, nasal congestion, cold, cough, fever, and pain. However, people take cough medication to recover, but after a few days, the cough comes back. And Oral over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines can cause serious harm to young children. In such a way, for those who prefer to avoid chemicals, For them, there are some home remedies for Cough Cold Fever that can help.

Normally, there is no cure for a cold but there are several Cough remedy may reduce symptoms. Fortunately, most home remedies do not have any side effects, maybe they only offer limited help, but do not harmful.

Let us look 21 Home Remedies for Cough

1. Warm Water

Here is a simple tip you must follow that can help you to fight cough-cold-fever. In these situations, drinking warm water is advised due to easy and costless home remedies foe cold-cough-fever. By this the cells in the body are hydrated, also it loosens the phlegm. and phlegm comes out of the oral cavity and helps you to get rid of cough.

Secondly, it reduces the irritation and also improves the blood flow to the muscles causing muscle relaxation. Moreover, Hot water also helps in flushing toxic substances, which provides relief in fever.

2. Lemon

Believe it or not, there are so many home remedies for cold-cough-fever. but lemon best of them that can alleviate your symptoms and get you back to normal. lemon is a good source of vitamin C. And Vitamin C plays an important role in the body. when you’re sick. Always drinking hot or cold lemonade may help. It can relieve Trusted Source upper respiratory tract infections.

Additionally, an effective home remedy for cold and cough is a mixture of lemon and honey. This syrup effectively cures cold and cough. Lime juice and honey also reduce viral fever.

If you endure a moderate fever for a day or two, you may actually get well faster.

3. Rice Water

Popular home remedies for the treatment of cold-cough-fever, from ancient times, rice starch or rice water. It enhances the immune system. It acts as a natural nutritious drink especially for children and older people suffering from viral fever. Add salt to taste and drink hot and hot.

For Babies- Rice water can also help bring your baby’s fever down. and also helps energize your infant instantly. Moreover, an effective cure for diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

4. Turmeric Milk

When it comes to grandmother’s tips, then the name of turmeric milk benefits comes first. Often, our mother or grandmother gives us to drink turmeric milk after illness, pain or injury. 

It is considered a good home remedy to cure a cold, cough, and fever due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Hot turmeric milk easily helps to expel mucus. Drinking hot turmeric milk before sleeping is considered beneficial for winter cough and other respiratory problems. It also provides immediate relief from asthma and bronchitis.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is also very helpful for the treatment of many diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, fenugreek can work to relieve cough and cold, and joint pain in cold weather. Researchers have found that it may be the key to fend off the cold virus.

Drinking water that fenugreek seeds have been soaked in may dissolve mucus in the lungs, throat, and sinuses.

6. Ginger

Ginger helps sweat out the toxins in your body, which is helpful when you have a cold or flu. The study also explains that ginger boosts immunity and protects the body from illnesses. It also contains antioxidants, which increase the flow of fresh blood in the body, because it has special properties to clean blood.

Ginger tea is one of the simplest home remedies for cold and flu symptoms.

7. Black Pepper

Black pepper is a common household spice which is easily available in the kitchen as it is used to add flavor to a number of dishes and is very easy to use to alleviate symptoms of cold and cough. It is rich in Vitamin C, and also works as a good antibiotic. It also stimulates circulation and mucus flow.

Drink a cap of Black pepper tea before sleeping. it will reduce cough. Consumption of black pepper with honey is quite effective, this syrup effectively cures a cold and cough.

8. Black Garlic

Hardly a few people will know about black garlic. Black garlic is a delicious superfood. It is a form of white garlic, made by ferments, has numerous health benefits.
Black Garlic has the properties of unique anti-oxidants and rich in amino acids. Which helps in curing a cold and cough.

Just take 4-5 cloves of slightly crushed garlic and saute it. Having this home remedy will help in alleviating the symptoms of cold and cough. Make the soup of black garlic and drink hot and hot.

9. Yashtimadhu

Yashtimadhu (Mulethi, licorice) is naturally sweet and has a pleasing taste and best home remedies for cold-cough-fever as well. It is rich in antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes and loosens the mucus that makes breathing difficult. Studies have found that Yashtimadhu is more effective in relieving coughs and prescribed to treat chronic coughs and colds. This is more helpful if you are suffering from wet cough.

A few quick Ayurvedic solutions with the use of Yashtimadhu or Mulethi.

  • Chewing a twig of Mulethi is an effective home remedy for cold-cough-fever and hoarseness of voice.
  • For quick relief from chest congestion and cough- Mix 1/4 teaspoon honey and 1/4 teaspoon Mulethi powder with water and drink this syrup twice daily. It is most popularly used Ayurvedic solution for kids.
  • Licorice root has long been used to treat coughs.

10. Salt-Water Gargle

Home remedies are considered to have the most natural medical solutions to many health troubles. In the changing season, cold-cough-fever and sore throat are the most common problems faced by us. To recover from it and take precaution, a simple cup of  Salt-Water Gargle. Saltwater acts as an antibacterial agent seems to help for several reasons. It soothes throat irritation, reduces the phlegm, and can draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat.

Making a saltwater gargle is quite easy. It takes very little time to make and apply. It requires only half a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Add salt in warm water.

Repeat this number of time throughout the day for best results. It’s completely safe for children over 6 years old.

11. Giloy Guice

Giloy or Tinospora Cordifolia is a fairly natural, affordable, and convenient remedy, has a wide range of uses for many diseases. It is an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory that is helpful for coughs caused by allergies. It builds immunity and also known to bring about a balance in three doshas – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.

Moreover, By mixing honey in the juice of Giloy, repeated fever is cured. And in case of chronic cough, take 2 tablespoons of Giloy juice with water in the morning.

12. Ajwain (Carom Seeds), Thyme

From the 7 star hotels to local households, one can easily seek it in the name of seeds. It is an Indian herb, it is known as best homemade remedies for cold-cough-fever, stomachache, and many others. Its bitter in taste but benefits of Ajwain or Carom seeds works as an anti-inflammatory and carry curative properties. It also helps in dealing cold-cough-fever and running noses which come in handy during the winter season. 

Thyme is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that not only brings relief to chest congestion but also helps in dealing with colds and sinuses. Studies have found that thyme compounds called flavonoids that relax and soothe inflamed airways and preventing them from getting worse as well.

For Babies older than a year:- Take a mortar and crush a few roasted carom seeds. Mix it with equal amounts of jaggery and give it to babies thrice every day. And use ajwain water to soothe cough and cold in babies.

13.Pomegranate Juice for Kids

Yes, you read right! pomegranate has strong antioxidative effects polyphenols (primarily the ellagitannin punicalagin). It is rich in Vitamins A and C, that both recommended by physicians to patients with cold symptoms. Pomegranate fruit also a significant amount of zinc compared to other fruits. Physicians also suggest a higher zinc intake during the cold season. Moreover, its juice may ward off infection and reduce inflammation.

For Kids, pomegranate juice mixed with a pinch of black salt and ginger powder is quite effective.

14. Massage

When your body is fighting off a virus due to a cold or flu, a massage can actually make things worse. Massage not only increases boost the immune system but also circulation throughout the body.

Mix lukewarm mustard oil with garlic and cloves and massage on baby’s chest, back, and neck area. Also, cover the baby’s palm and feet with the oil for quick relief. It massaging with this oil provides warmth to your baby’s body. Drinking lukewarm water after a massage helps with recovery.

15. Hot Steam

Do you or your loved one have a cold-cough-fever? Nothing to worry about. Fever is simply a temporary rise in the body’s often due to cold or flu.

There are many home remedies to deal with these diseases. One of these is also to take steam from hot water. Vaporizing with hot water is a simple and instant relief method.

Hot steam is a therapeutic method. By taking steam, the hot air reaches the lungs through the nose and throat; The moisture may also help thin the mucus in your sinuses, and the temperature of the body increases which increases the blood vessel. It also helps ease feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Not only this, the immunity will increases when the temperature increases. It also improves blood circulation.

16. Saffron

Saffron is also known for its medicinal properties and is very effective in treating cold-cough-fever.

Mix a few strands of saffron with lukewarm milk and Applying it on the baby’s forehead can help to relieve a blocked nose. This technique is a sure-shot one to treat colds due to seasonal change.

17. Vegetable soup

With flu comes a whole lot of things like cold-cough- fever, headache, and the sneezing. Whether you are down with a cold -cough or fever or both. This vegetable soup will help you relief from cold-cough-fever, headache, throat pain and body ache.

The vegetable Soup has a lot of ingredients known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Not all soups are advisable to drink. many soups can cause allergic reactions or worsen the condition and symptoms.

18. Honey

The honey contains anti-microbial properties, which kills those bacteria and viruses. In addition, anti-inflammatory properties are also present, thereby causing cold and cough problems.

It also contains Dextromethorphan (DM), that is a cough suppressant. And it relieves coughs more effectively than over-the-counter medicines.

For babies– give 2 teaspoons (10 milliliters) of honey at bedtime. The honey reduces nighttime coughing and improves sleep.

Note:– Never give honey to a child younger than age 1.

19. Peppermint

Peppermint is a time-honored remedy for a sore throat and well known for healing properties. And has antiseptic and anti-viral properties, that can be useful as an expectorant.

Menthol is an extract of peppermint that creates a cooling sensation. It also soothes the throat and acts as a decongestant, helping to break down mucus.

For babies:- you could be to dap and rub in 1-2 drops on the soles of feet at bedtime.

20. Amla

Amla is Very common home remedies. It is the best source of Vitamin C. Benefits of Amla to cure many problems such as week eyesight sugar regulation prevents stomach ache and also provide relief in cold and cough because vitamin C can reduce phlegm by acting like anti-oxidant.

It is a common feeling those make our throat dry, painful; swelling and redness. amla content anti-inflammatory those help in reducing arthritis-related pain. A paste of amla powder, with honey and turmeric, give an effective home remedy to cure a sore throat.

21. Holy Basil

In India, Tulsi is not only worshiped but it is also used as medicines herb. Its anti-microbial anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-modulatory and analgesic properties help to mobilize mucus in bronchitis and asthma, along with immediate relief from cough. Tn India for the ancient time it is known as best homemade remedies for cold-cough-fever and, any other diseases.

  • Make a paste of Tulsi leaves. Heat with water and strain it to get some fresh Basil Extract. Apply this extract on your chest to get instant relief from Cough and Chest Congestion. 
  • Chewing tulsi leaves relieves cold and flu.
  • Brewing Basil in the tea will give you instant relief from sore throat.


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